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They consider possible relaxations in the measures

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They consider possible relaxations in the measures

The compulsory telework in the private service sector, imposed by the day before yesterday, is also causing headaches for the government, by setting a physical presence ceiling of 20 employees, due to the continuous reactions and pressures of strong professions for changes in this measure.

In fact, following the letter sent to the President of the Republic by OEB, the CCCI, the Association of Chartered Accountants of Cyprus, the Cyprus Maritime Chamber and the Association of Insurance Companies of Cyprus, the issue was addressed, as we are informed, but yesterday, at yesterday's meeting , to make final decisions on any revision of the measure.

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The meeting, as “F” is informed, was chaired by the President of the Republic and was attended by competent ministers, as well as the president of DISY Averof Neophytou, who favors an amendment to the relevant decree. During the discussion of the issue of telework, the Minister of Health allegedly defended the implementation of the measure to limit the staff who will work in the workplace, due to the significant number of cases detected in the last month in law, accounting and auditing offices. However, information indicates that Mr. Ioannou, albeit reluctantly, did not rule out small deviations from the decisions in force.

In this context, various scenarios were discussed, such as the small increase in the percentage of physical presence of employees in service companies, which by the decree of the Ministry of Health is set at 15% of all employees of each company, but also the abolition of the ceiling of 20 persons per business premises. Specifically, among the scenarios discussed is the increase of the percentage to 20%, but also the retention of the percentage to 15%, but with the abolition of the ceiling of 20 people per business premises.

It is noted, however, that the five organizations requested in their letter to the PD to approve the physical presence in each professional establishment of up to 25% of the employees who are normally housed, without setting a maximum number.

And other changes?

In view of today's meeting of the Council of Ministers, where this issue is expected to be discussed, along with other possible changes in the lockdown decree, the employers' organizations and professional associations that addressed the government continued their contacts yesterday, in order to convince the ceiling creates serious complications and distortions in the service sector that may affect the state itself. Contacts and negotiations, which, as we are informed, will continue in case there are no satisfactory arrangements today. We remind you that, in their letter to the PD, the five organizations claim, among other things, that the physical presence of a sufficient number of employees in the private service companies is necessary, among other things, because at this time all companies prepare and submit their financial statements. the submission of tax and VAT returns. They also state that specific reasons relating to insurance and shipping services (including maritime and crew safety) make it essential to maintain a sufficient number of staff in the workplace in order to ensure the essentially satisfactory continuity of essential services They also add that the adequate operation of call centers is absolutely imperative in order to distribute goods and products at home to the population, a service that also helps to limit gatherings to pick-up points. away.

“Kougri” with guarantees the vouchers of Cypriot tourism

Travel planners who cooperate with Cypriot hotels and have made advances or reservations until October 2020 are now insured in the event of insolvency of hoteliers or other tourism companies in Cyprus, after the EU gave the green light to provide government guarantees to vouchers (coupons) that have been issued. As announced yesterday, the European Commission has approved, under EU state aid rules, the € 86.6 million Cypriot program to support businesses operating in the tourism sector (including tour operators, hotel operators). businesses and car rental companies) affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Public support, the EU said in a statement, would take the form of public guarantees aimed at covering the value of vouchers (ie credit notes) issued by beneficiaries to either consumers or tour operators for canceled travel packages or individual tourist services, booked before 31 October 2020.

The program aims to support tourism service providers who are facing significant revenue losses and liquidity shortages. The Commission found that the Cypriot program is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to remove the serious disruption of the Cypriot economy.

Source: www.philenews.com

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