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They demand free compulsory pre-primary education from the four parents and teachers

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The establishment, institutionalization and implementation of Free Compulsory Pre-Primary Education from the age of 4, with proper planning, through the structures of the Public School, was and is the position of POED and the Organized Parents of Pre-Primary Education, who condemn “the unjustified and undocumented risk assessment developed by the Minister of Education”.

POED and Organized Parents of Pre-Primary Education, after the rejection by the Parliament of the referral of the Legislation for the gradual expansion of Compulsory Pre-Primary Education, so that it covers children aged 4 years and over for a period of three years, state, in their joint statement, that all the recommendations and positions of the Organizations are based on this basic principle, which was also submitted to all the parliamentary parties.

They point out that a similar plan was followed in the case of the increase in the admission limit to the Primary School, without to need the subsidy of private enterprises.

POED and Organized Parents report that they disagreed with the way and planning with which the Ministry of Education attempted to implement this necessary social and educational reform.

They note that the essential reason for their disagreement is the incomplete and sloppy planning of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, which provided for the direct channeling of children of compulsory school age (4 to 4 and 8 months), from the Public School, to the private sector, through grants from private companies.

“The obsession of the Ministry of Education to send children from the Public School to the private sector and the lack of a meaningful dialogue, has created all this unnecessary disturbance, but also unnecessary conflicts in the sensitive area of ​​Education, recently. At the same time, the substantial implementation of the reform is put in jeopardy, with the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, they add.

They also state that, based on all the above, they denounce and condemn “the unjustified, unnecessary and undocumented risk-taking that has been developed recently, both by the Ministry of the Interior and by other representatives and organizations of private businesses”.

Finally, they call on the Government and the Parliament to proceed with all the necessary measures, so that gradually, with proper planning, the Free Compulsory Pre-Primary Education, through the structures of the Public School, without this under any circumstances preventing any parent who wants, at his own expense, to go to the private sector, just as it is done today.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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