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They did back for the increases in milk after the reactions

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They did back for the increases in milk after the reactions

Angelos Nikolaou

The great mobilization of consumers, supermarkets, but also those in charge, led to second thoughts the dairy industry which would proceed from today to an increase in the retail price by 3%. The Cyprus Consumers' Association, a large supermarket chain and the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Commerce characterized any increases as unjustified. The Consumers' Association called for a boycott of companies that will increase the price of fresh pasteurized milk, the supermarket chain informed the dairy industry that it will not accept any increase and therefore will not sell the specific products, while the Ministry of Commerce warned gun he has in his quiver, the submission ceiling.

All of the above led the dairy industry yesterday to suspend its decision and will not proceed from today to increase the price of milk, as it had previously announced. The suspension of the decision is expected to satisfy those who protested against this decision. It is noted that the decision of the dairy industry for increases was not justified since the raw material had not been increased, ie milk. The company, however, cited increases over the past four months in fuel by 22%, energy by 36%, fuel oil by 40% and high-quality plastic for bottling by 70%. The data of the dairy industry, as explained in the Consumers' Association, did not convince us, as a result of which we reached the reactions that led to the suspension of the increases.


A. Ioannou: The possibility of imposing a ceiling on milk is open Consumers: Prices on milk are unjustified

The deputy director of the consumer protection service, Antonis Ioannou, stated that any increase had not been justified. He added that the support of the producers which was announced but also the fact that the price of electricity is at the same levels as last year, lead to the conclusion that there is no justification for increasing prices. He described the milk market as an oligopoly and explained that there is a possibility, if deemed necessary, for the state to set a price ceiling.

The reversal of the decision of the dairy industry comes at a time when the consumer is bombarded with increases in product prices, basic and non-basic, but without being able to react, accepting with protest, any increases.

Source: www.philenews.com

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