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They disagree about depositing bank books in the courts

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The Committee on Legal Affairs has started the debate on the “Amendment Law of 2020”, which concerns the possibility of loan management companies to use the books of banks as a presumption before the court.

This law was originally submitted to the Finance Committee in 2020, however due to the legal nature of the issue, the then President requested that it be submitted to the Legal Committee.

As the Chairman of the Legal Committee, DISY MP Nikos Tornaritis, explained, along with the loans sold by the banks to the debt management companies, the books that accompany them were given. By law, however, these companies do not have the ability to file them in court and be immediately accepted, as is the case with banks. The bill under discussion, he said, calls for this possibility to exist for loan management companies as well, so that there is no time-consuming process for both the borrower and the companies in the courts.

As Mr. Tornaritis said, all the parties that attended today's session agree with this proposal, except for the Bar Association, which is expected to send its final position. He noted that the Cyprus Borrowers' Association, in a written note, fully agrees with the specific proposal. of position.

At the same time, he sent the message that the people who are mandated to manage these loans, and in particular to communicate with the borrowers, ie the fund and loan management companies to which the specific bill refers, must behave properly towards the people who are in a difficult financial and psychological position. It is not possible, he added, to continue the behavior that currently exists, while he stated that the last & nbsp; has received many complaints from borrowers about the behavior of employees of specific companies.

Mr. Tornaritis said that the discussion will continue and will invite other liaisons before the Commission.

AKEL MP Aristos Damianou said that the Government is unrepentant, since after two years of pandemic, economic crisis and incalculable effects on the economy from the war in Ukraine, the Anastasiadis-DISY Government has reintroduced a bill that will facilitate the adoption of benefit of investment funds, credit redemption companies and KEDIPES.

“They are trying to modify the term bank books, so that through the back door they can distort the law on proof to the detriment of borrowers and guarantors. “We are simply handing them over to the citizens' judgment,” he said. statement to the court, by which the accused now has the right to testify without an oath, without having the right to be examined by the accusing authority and without the court being obliged to take into account what the accused said.

As Mr. Tornaritis said through decisions of the Supreme Court, it is considered that the time has come to abolish this right, that countries that use the same law as the Republic of Cyprus have abolished this right, while as the This right is considered anachronistic by many.

He also said that while in the previous session the bar association was against this abolition, today it was unequivocally in favor.

Source: www.philenews.com

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