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They dismantled a criminal organization in Thessaloniki – The involvement of Cyprus

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Ξorλωσαν εγκλ&eta ;ματικor οργανωση στη Θεσσαλονiκ η - Η εμπλοκor Κyπρου

They dismantled a criminal organization in Athens with the involvement and assistance of the National Security Agency. In particular, 8 members of the organization were arrested, while, among other things, more than -42- kilograms of raw cannabis, a pistol as well as 27,000 euros were confiscated 

The illegal financial benefit of the organization is estimated at at least -360,000- euros.< /p>

In detail the announcement of EL.AS 

The Athens Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate dismantled, after an operation that took place in Thessaloniki, a criminal organization which was active in import into the Greek territory of significant quantities of raw hemp, hydroponically cultivated (SKUNK), from European countries and the export and further distribution of these to other countries.

For the case, 8 people were arrested, members of the organization, of which 3 foreigners – 2 women and a man – as well as 5 local men, while a case was filed against them for – case by case – criminal organization, violation of drug and weapons laws and forgery.

Ξorλωσαν εγκλημ ατικor οργανωση στη ΘεσσαλονΙκη - Η εμπλοκor Κyπρου

As it emerged from the investigation, the members of the criminal organization in order to achieve the purpose had distinct roles among themselves, with typical training and professional infrastructure in the safe transport of substances, in arranging their travel and places of residence, while at the same time they used special precautionary measures ensuring their continuous criminal activity and the obtaining of a large illegal financial benefit.

In fact, in order to dismantle the organization, cooperation was developed with the Cyprus Anti-Narcotics Service and in the context of a thorough pre-investigative investigation (verifications and cross-checking of evidence, use of special investigative techniques, profiling of those involved), their criminal activity was certified, while their role was ascertained of each member of the ring.

In more detail:

38-year-old, as the leader of the criminal organization, was responsible for finding quantities of raw cannabis, which were imported into our country by air from Europe within of luggage, while taking on the full guidance of the rest of the organization's members, in order for these quantities to be exported to other European and non-European countries,
42-year-old, as deputy leader of the criminal organization, had full knowledge of its operations while actively participating in its management,
32-year-old transported the quantities of raw cannabis, while he was in charge of finding, recruiting and training new members of the group as transporters ,
a 54-year-old woman procured and imported quantities of cannabis from European countries, while both she and a 36-year-old man ensured the transport of quantities of raw cannabis to foreign countries,
A 19-year-old and a 21-year-old transported the quantities of raw cannabis to foreign countries,
a 31-year-old issued air and road tickets, while he was responsible for finding and renting accommodation for the organization's transporter members.
In order to dismantle the criminal organization, a police operation was carried out at noon and in the afternoon yesterday, Sunday, May 14, 2023, during which, at the International Airport of Thessaloniki,  the 19-year-old and the 21-year-old were caught in possession of two pieces of luggage, with 36 -carefully hidden- nylon packages, which contained more than 42.5 kilograms of raw hydroponically cultivated cannabis (SKUNK) for the purpose of transport to Cyprus.

The above quantities had been imported by the 54-year-old by air, which she then delivered to the 32-year-old and he in turn to the 19-year-old and 21-year-old. From the further development of the operation in areas of Thessaloniki, the remaining members of the criminal organization were identified and arrested.

In searches carried out in houses, vehicles and in the possession of the arrested, in total were found and seized:

raw cannabis (SKUNK) weighing -42- kilos and -560- grams,
pistol, 2 magazines and 18 cartridges,

fake police ID card,
the amount of 27,000 euros,

2 I.X.E . cars and motorbike,
13 mobile phones,

3 mobile phone connection packages,
SIM card slip, bill counter and wrapper roll.

The illegal property the benefit obtained by the criminal organization from its action is estimated to amount to at least -360,000- euros.

Those arrested, with the case filed against them, are taken to the competent prosecution authority.

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