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They do not close the fronts – DISY is in trouble because of rebels

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Δεν κλεΙνουν τα μετωπα – Σ&epsilon

The leadership of Pindaros has open fronts to manage in relation to the elections for the Local Government.

The Tselepou case in Paphos is not the only one, since an issue also arises in municipality Ypsona with the announcement of the independent candidacy of Kleanthi Karamanidis as well as for the municipality of Paralimni where there are four interested parties for the anointing but the party leadership has not yet decided to proceed with internal party elections.< /p>

An indication that there is a decision difficulty, which is also reinforced by the information about the intention to vote against the will of the vote, as was done in 2016. But something that causes reactions from a portion of people who believe that the misstep of 2016 should not be repeated and that such mistakes are what led to the attitudes they had to face in the presidential elections with the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis.

It is noted that in the municipality of Paralimni the following have expressed interest in candidacy: Giorgos Nikolettos, Kleanthis Koutsoftas, Panagiotis Kyzas and Loukas Polykarpou. There is also great interest in the position of deputy mayor. In terms of leadership, however, this is said to be awaiting the outcome of consultations with other parties to reach an agreement. In the case of Kleanthi Karamanidis, who withdrew his interest through the party and announced himself as an independent candidate for mayor while he is a member of the party, Pindaros refers to the decision of the Politburo of January 11.

Despite this and despite the fact that several days have passed since the announcement, there has been no reaction so far.

There was a reaction yesterday in the case of Marios Tselepou with a letter sent by one of the vice-presidents of the party and responsible for the pre-election campaign in Paphos province, Marios Pelecanos.

The letter actually warns Marios Tselepos, that the decision of the Politburo of January 11 to be referred to the Ethics Committee and to take measures to exclude him from running for office in the coming years will be implemented.

“Respecting your presence and contribution to the Party, but also given my personal appreciation for you, I draw your attention to the decision of the Politburo dated January 11, 2024, as the Ethics Committee proceeds with specific procedures there and where actions are observed contrary to what has been collectively decided..

I am sure that you understand how the leadership of the party must be fair and equal to everyone.

The DISY can neither be blackmailed nor be locked into decisions that were not made in the past.

In conclusion, as the leadership, we expect all members of the party to show respect to the competent bodies, the procedures that have been decided democratically and almost unanimously, as well as their decisions”, says Marios Pelekanos in his letter, among other things. strong>

In the letter to Marios Tselepos, Marios Pelekanos also indicates that

goal of leadership  of the Democratic Alarm is the unity and reduction of the Faction. “Therefore, our conviction is strong that the only way to move forward is through open and democratic processes, All members are treated with objective criteria as far as their rights and obligations are concerned,” he notes.

It is recalled that Marios Celebos, who showed interest in the position of the president of the Paphos District Council, in a letter to the Politburo last Monday, informed that he is withdrawing his interest and is leaving points against the party leadership because it allows the former MP of DISY Paphos Kostakis Kostantinou to run for office.

As he reports, Mr. Kostantinou supported the candidacy of Christodoulidis instead of Averof Neophytos in the presidential elections, while he continues, as he claims, to have the same attitude by attending every visit of the President to Paphos.

&gt ;>  EDEK: Consensus for Nicosia and Famagusta

A proposal for the candidate Mayors of Nicosia and the occupied Municipality of Famagusta was publicly submitted by the Political Office of EDEK.

As stated in a party announcement, the upcoming local government elections in the Municipality of Nicosia and in the occupied Municipality of Famagusta, in addition to the aspect of self-governing competence, also present an important political dimension, given that:

Nicosia is the Europe's only divided capital

Famagusta is under constant threat of settlement, from the occupying regime and Turkey

“Therefore, EDEK suggests to the rest of the parliamentary parties and especially to the leaderships of DISY and AKEL, how we proceed in a spirit of consensus and constructive synergy, in finding common candidates for Mayors in the Municipalities of Nicosia and Famagusta, who also have political experience, in order to satisfy the needs they arise from the political dimension of these two municipalities.

Depending on the response to its proposal, EDEK will also determine its position regarding the election of Mayors in the above two municipalities”, concludes the party's announcement.

Source: www.philenews.com

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