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They examined the use of English in the Commercial Court

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The possibility for exceptional use of the English language in cases adjudicated by the Commercial Court and the Maritime Court, was examined at today's meeting of the Legal Committee, in the context of the discussion on the consolidated bill concerning the operation of the Commercial Court and the Maritime Court.

The Chairman of the Legal Committee and Member of Parliament for DISY, Nikos Tornaritis, in his statements after the meeting stated that in the public debate there has long been a suggestion for the use of English in the litigation process cases involving either the Commercial Court or the Maritime Court.

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He said that such a change, in addition to being part of the overall reform of the judiciary, is a practical move towards the emergence of Cyprus as an international business, investment and trade center.

Mr. Tornaritis explained that the English language is introduced in these proceedings with safeguards, since in order for such a thing to be adopted, one of the two parties will have to apply, but it will also work in the interest of justice, something that will be decided by the “As President of the Commission, I will not allow English to be introduced at any other level of justice,” he said. The official languages ​​of the Republic are English and Turkish and we must respect the Constitution. “

He added that the adoption of English in the specific cases mentioned is in the context of harmonization with what is in force in the EU and in competing countries of the world. “Cyprus is a strong force in shipping, not only with Cypriot shipowners. “It would not be possible to prevent them from speaking English during the maritime court proceedings,” he said.

, investment and shopping center. Without the use of the English language, the specific court will not have a substantial mission “.

Concluding, he stated that the Pancyprian Bar Association supports this legislation, as well as all the bodies that participated in the meeting of the Committee. Once the Committee has been appointed, the bill will be put to a vote in plenary.

The form of the bill on the Institution of Family Mediation is finalized

The new formulations in articles of the bill concerning the Institution of the Family Ombudsman were also discussed today by the Legal Committee, in order to follow the positions of the members of the Committee and then to be led for a vote in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

This Institution is expected to contribute to the out-of-court settlement of cases related to parental care, divorce after divorce and property issues.

As stated by the Chairman of the Committee, Nikos Tornaritis, after the meeting, there was an understanding between the participants in the debate, as far as the aspects of the bill are concerned. He explained that according to the bill, a register is established with professionals from various fields, lawyers, psychologists and social workers, who are registered in their own professional registers and have at least one year of experience. They will receive 40 hours of education and training at an approved higher education institution and will support those families who need a mediator to reach decisions as soon as possible on issues that concern them.

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