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They fill up their cars with fuel just before the increases

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On the show “DISTRIBUTING NEWS”, gas station owner Kyriakos Loukas was asked to comment on the changes in price levels

Εφοδιαζουν τα αυτοκΙν ητά τους με καyσιμα λΙγο πριν τις &alpha ;υξorσεις

On the SPORT FM show, “DISPATCH OF NEWS”, gas station owner Kyriakos Louka was asked to comment on the changes in fuel prices.

Initially, he explained that until today, June 30, there is a reduced tax of 7 cents a liter on motor fuel, while tomorrow, including VAT, there will be an increase of 8.33 cents a litre. So, as he mentioned, 95 gasoline will reach 1.48 euros.

In a question about the mobility that prevails at the gas stations one day before the price increase, Mr. Loukas mentioned that speaking with colleagues, it was found that the work is increased.

On the change of the consumption tax tomorrow , added for example that the cost and the difference that will be observed for a consumer who fills his vehicle today instead of tomorrow with 50 liters, will be reduced to approximately 4.5 euros.

In a question about the if the evolution of the removal of the protective framework on fuel prices worsens the problem, in connection with the refuge of many consumers in the occupied territories, Mr. Loukas replied that with the demonstration of the gas station owners, their positions were presented for a reduction of the tax index and a thorough control in roadblocks, without however being updated or noticing changes in the existing data.

At the same time, taking into account the international factors in the market, Mr. Loukas' assessment is that there will be increased retail prices due to the fact that in Europe there is increased demand.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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