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They found the teacher… harrier-Prodromou is asking for instructions from the Prosecutor

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Εντοπισαν τη&nu καθηγorτρια… χαφιe-Ζητa οδηγiες απo Εισαγγελeα ο Προδρoμου

The Secretary of OELMEK is having an extraordinary meeting this afternoon on the issue of the leakage of the subjects of the examination essay of the Young Greeks, in the context of the four-month exams, while the organized parents of Secondary Education are also meeting on the same issue. In the meantime, the Ministry of Education is in a position to know who the teacher is who leaked the matter and to this end, has requested instructions from the Attorney General, on how to react. 

The General Secretary of OELMEK, Kostas Hatzisavvas, in his statements to the KYPE on the subject of the leaking of the subjects of the examination essay of the New Greeks, in the context of the four-month examinations, said that the issue is very serious.

“We just learned about this issue this morning, we informed the Minister of Education himself. Also, we contacted him again around 10:30 where we submitted our suggestion about this problem and the unanimous suggestion of the OELMEK Secretariat was to cancel today's exam and give it to another date that we suggested to him on January 31.< /p>

Otherwise, many more problems would be created,” he added. Unfortunately, Mr. Hadjisavvas continued, several issues were created, in addition to the students' disturbance, their psychological disturbance, etc.

“It seems that several students had left their schools. We do not know the exact number but the information we have is that a number of students left and therefore did not sit for these exams. So there is an issue,” he noted.

He also mentioned that there is information that special education students seem to have taken exams with the written, test essay, of the first series.

“There are several issues,” he repeated.

Mr. Hadjisavvas said, at the same time, that the OELMEK Secretariat is meeting remotely, because the issue is serious, they are constantly receiving phone calls, to discuss the issue again and see what needs to be done that will serve the students.< /p>

“When we warned about some procedural issues, unfortunately they did not take into account what we told them. We've always had the fear of leakage. Unfortunately, it was introduced today. And it was never our wish or anything else for such a disturbance to be caused by the -we must say- dishonest action of this particular teacher”, he added.

On the occasion of this tragic incident, Mr. Hadjisavvas continued, OELMEK reiterates its position and says clearly that there is no reason for the January central exam to exist.

“It is a common position of OELMEK and the Pan-Cypriot Confederation of Parents as well as PSEM and others involved with education of entities we speak with. A lot of problems are really being created,” he said.

The whole month, he added, “January, unfortunately, is wasted. We are in an investigative process. Then, after two months, Easter comes and after a week we start the process”.

“So, this institution is suffering and our request for a broad meeting with all the involved bodies should be granted. to discuss what is the best way to assess students that serves students first,” he noted.

When asked how it reached them that there was a leak of the issues, Mr. Hadjisavvas said that when the message started and went from cell phone to cell phone, the first information they had was that some students from a certain high school went to their teacher and called her Mrs. so and so it happens and this happened around 09:30.

“In a short period of time, this spread everywhere and to other provinces. We immediately contacted the Minister, he told us that he will investigate it. We told him from the first phone call that it was a very serious matter,” he said.

He went on to say that “we waited until 10:30 to see if what appeared on the message was actually included in the examination essay, we verified this as well and contacted the Minister again and told him that the clearest solution you have to do at this moment is to cancel today's exam”.

Asked why the exam continued and was not postponed to another date as suggested by OELMEK, Mr. Hadjisavvas said that they were told that for such extraordinary cases there is a second exam paper.

In response to question whether as OELMEK they will have a meeting with PSEM and the organized parents, Mr. Hatzisavvas said that they will now meet in the afternoon, while the parents are also meeting. “We are in contact,” he concluded.        

Meanwhile, according to KYPE sources, the Ministry of Education already has the report from the school where the teacher works. The same sources state that the Ministry of Education is asking the Legal Service for its input on how to proceed against the teacher.

When asked if the case will be reported to the Police, the same sources state that it is not matter of the police.

“He did not give the matters to some to take advantage of. But the damage he did is even greater. It even became public, so there is no need for the police,” they conclude.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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