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They found them for ATA, the 13th is pending for the workers in a hotel in Paphos

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Τα βρorκαν για ;ΤΑ, εκκρεμεΙ ο 13ος  για τους εργα ;ζoμενους σε ξενοδοχεΙο της Παφο&upsilon ?

A mediation proposal by the Ministry of Labor at a hotel in Paphos was accepted by both sides in relation to the payment of ATA, but the issue of the 13th salary is pending, for which a new meeting was set in Nicosia at the Mediation Department at 10:00 in the morning of March 14. as representatives of PEO and SEC stated at KYPE.

The Department of Labor Relations of the competent Ministry was activated after the mobilization of workers in hotels in Pafos for the circumvention of collective agreements and non-performance of the ATA and today Thursday at 10:00 in the morning all involved parties attended the District Office.

In the letter sent by the Ministry, it calls for the withdrawal of any strike or other measures, so that the procedures of the Industrial Relations Code are observed.

In their statements to the KYPE on the sidelines of the meeting, the District Secretary of the Hotel Employees Branch of PEO Nikos Savvidis  and Koulis Ignatiou, Secretary of the Hoteliers' Association of the Greek Federation of Greece, reported that a mediation proposal was made, which was accepted by both sides, to give ATA to all staff with effect from January 1, 2023 and to give increases of 1.5% or 2 .5% proportionately again to all staff with effect from January 1, 2023, retroactively.

According to  Mr. Savvidis and Mr. Ignatiou  the increases of 1.5% – 2.5%  depends on some employees getting a raise in 2020 or 2021,  50 euros or 100 euros based on the agreement  and consequently they must receive a 1.5% increase from January 1, 2023 retroactively. Those who did not get a raise in 2020 – 2021 these employees will get a 2.5% raise.

They added  also that the 13th remains pending where a new meeting was set in Nicosia at the Mediation Department at 10:00 in the morning of March 14.

The tradesmen said that  after that, they will move shortly to the hotel in Paphos whose employees went on a spontaneous strike in order to  inform the employees of the agreement in principle as well as the scheduled meeting of March 14th in order to approve it by a majority so that it can be implemented.

According to union representatives, however, half of Pafos hoteliers do not implement the agreement that was reached last October to grant raises to employees.

Also from January 1st they should pay one second of ATA to employees.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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