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They get suspended from the army and are… forgotten. He calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to review the criteria

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    They get suspended from the military and their… they forget – Calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to review the criteria, the Audit – Public Audit Report

    The Audit Service's Special Report regarding conscription deferrals and the entire process has been published.

    As reported by the Audit Office, the Special Report on the subject of “Conscription Deferral Grant Process Control” has been posted on the website of the Service.

    In the more general recommendations, the Audit calls on the Ministry of Defense to review the criteria by which it grants deferment to conscripts, always within the framework of the relevant legislation.


    In the conclusions, the Audit Office states that “under the risk of some conscripts requesting exemption from the obligation to perform military service, citing either mental health reasons or other reasons, the state tries to facilitate those conscripts who request a postponement of conscription, for specific reasons that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems satisfactory , so as to enable them to fulfill their military obligations at a later stage”.

    He notes that “as a result, we conclude that the chances of enlistment for service in the National Guard are significantly reduced for conscripts who do not enlist immediately after finishing high school, since many of them are discharged at a later stage or are insubordinate.”

    He underlines at the same time that this phenomenon is more pronounced in cases where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows particular leniency, such as those of conscripted athletes and conscripts who are granted deferment due to studies.

    “Furthermore, in several cases we found non-compliance with the provisions of the law, such as:

    – Granting postponements on behalf of the Minister, without his approval, or even information.
    – Failure to initiate proceedings against enlisted men whose reasons for
    being granted deferment have lapsed, without notifying the Military Office.
    – Granting deferrals for studying in secondary schools abroad which
    are probably not recognized as such by the competent authorities of the relevant state.
    – Granting deferrals for study at higher educational institutions, without clear provision
    in the legislation.
    – Granting postponements for special family or financial reasons, without the
    opinions/recommendations of the Advisory Committee.
    – Granting postponements for special family or financial reasons with a total
    duration of more than one year”

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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