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They go to the Presidential Office for halloumi – Meeting in April

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 Πανε στο Προε&delta ;ρικo για το χαλλοyμι - Σyσκεψη εν&tau ;oς Απριλiου

At the moment the decree in force stipulates that the ratio of goat and sheep milk in the production of halloumi is at 25%

A meeting of all those involved in the production of halloumi under the President of the Republic is expected to take place within April, after the decisive decisions announced at the level of European institutions for the future of the traditional product of Cyprus.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou, the Council of Ministers of Agriculture approved on March 26 the new regulation on geographical indications and quality systems, which will be published in the next few days in the official EU gazette and will take immediate effect.

He noted that this regulation has included a relevant provision for extending the transitional period regarding the use of geographical indications which was made following a proposal by the Republic of Cyprus in September 2022.

“In practice this means that it is extended until 2029 , instead of July 2024, the possibility to determine the proportion of milk used for the preparation of halloumi through a decree approved by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry”, said the minister in her statements to KYPE.

He reminded that, at the moment, with the current decree, the proportion of sheep's milk in the production of halloumi is at 25%.

He noted that this extension was a request and part of the agreement of the cheesemakers, cattle farmers and of sheep and goat farmers signed in July 2022.

“The government's decisions regarding halloumi will be announced after a meeting held by the President of the Republic in April in which all those involved in halloumi production, goat and sheep farmers, cattle farmers and cheese makers will participate,” he said.

The minister added that contacts have already been made with all groups, both at the ministry level and with the President of the Republic, to which the requests were submitted and their concerns expressed and recorded.

The Mr. Panagiotou also said that based on the new milestones that have been closed, such as the court's decision on the halloumi standard and the extension given on the issue of the quota, the government's decisions will also be announced.

< p > Asked whether consensus can be reached more easily after the recent decisions at the EU level, the lawyer said that there is no other option but to find consensus since the common goal “must be for everyone to protect PDO halloumi”.< /p>

At the same time, he noted that the ministry's support programs for sheep and goat farming are running, while other measures for milk quality and production increase are expected to be announced.

Source: politis.com.cy

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