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They hope it's their year!

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 Ελπλζουν οτι ελ&nu ;αι η χρονιà τους!

The number of times he chased the title from APOEL, lost him. This year he is called upon to change history… This is the fate of AEK, whenever they won the championship in previous years and chased the championship to the end, their main opponent was the blue and yellow of Nicosia.

Twice he reached the spring, but he didn't drink water, since in the “championship final” that happened (both years) at the GSP he couldn't win and therefore settled for 2nd place. This year the yellow-greens of Larnaca hope to be their lucky year. Of course, the match against APOEL at GSP will follow in the last matchday of the championship, in a game that may decide (again) the title. Until then, however, there is plenty of time.

At this stage, what is considered highly decisive is the game of the next matchday at the Arena“, in which AEK is called upon to show character and follow up on the winning results. A game in which AEK must declare its presence in the battle for the title and show itself worthy of the expectations.

It is the great opportunity of the Larnaca team, in order to make the step further and that the efforts and toils of the last five months do not go to waste. The Simon playersthey made a huge effort from November onwards to make up lost ground. And they succeeded.

Now, they have to take the most decisive step, in order to climb alone first in the standings. Something that a few months ago seemed like a pipe dream. There are six “finals” left before the end of the marathon, four of which will be held in the “Arena“. There are many who estimate that if AEK manages to take advantage, to a large extent, of its headquarters, then it will be crowned champion. The ball is in the feet of its footballers.

They are 'recharging batteries'

Taking advantage of the break in the league, Ran Ben Simon and his footballers continue their preparation at a more leisurely pace, having the opportunity to rest from the heavy schedule and consecutive derbies of the previous weeks and at the same time to “recharge batteries” in view of the pivotal games that follow. Fortunately for Ben Simon , there are no serious racing problems.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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