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They install a water discharge pipe in the developing sea of Limassol

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They install a water discharge pipe in the developing sea of Limassol

New data emerged regarding water management from the large-scale construction works in Limassol, on the east side of the new port. According to information from politis.com.cy, which is properly confirmed, following an application submitted by the company that has undertaken the project in the Department of Environment, now, a water discharge pipe is being installed in the sea. It is reminded that for the issue, through our website, the president of the Winter Swimmers Club, Erma Stylianidis, made complaints which concerned a leak from a water sedimentation tank.

Irini Konstantinou, Senior Officer of the Department of Environment, explained to politis.com.cy that, in the first phase, the water of the aquifer would be managed in a sedimentation tank, within the limit of development. However, the company submitted a new application requesting the Department of Environment to approve the installation of a pipeline that will reach the sea, in order to achieve the discharge of a larger volume of water, as it was decided that the crews work simultaneously for the second phase. of the project.

Ms. Konstantinou said that the environmental study was done and the approval was given to the company, a few days ago. Regarding the quality of the water, which will be discharged into the sea, Ms. Konstantinou assured that this is water that originates initially from the underground aquifer. Also, through the approval given to the company, the Department of Environment requested that analyzes be carried out on a weekly basis in the water which will be deposited in the sedimentation tank, where it will remain to settle the solids it will contain, before ending up in the sea. When the water stays in the tank for a while, it becomes brackish, as sea water enters it.

Water analyzes will also be performed every week at the point where the water will be discharged into the sea. The results of the analyzes will be examined by the Department of Environment.

No problem in the tank

The problems that had been reported by the president of the Limassol Winter Swimmers Club, Erma Stylianidis, in relation to a leak from the sedimentation tank to the sea, were investigated, according to the Senior Officer of the Department of Environment, Irini Konstantinou. According to her, two new inspections were carried out, however no problem was found, she told politis.com.cy. Ms. Konstantinou assured that she will ask the district inspectors to visit the area again, in the new week, for re-evaluation and confirmation.

It is recalled that Erma Stylianidi had complained that there was a leak from the sedimentation tank. Because of this, a stream was created which ended in the sea, however it was just covered with stones, so that it is not visible. In our communication with the inspectors of the Department of Environment, we were informed that the company, at that time, did not have a permit to discharge water from the works at sea.

Source: politis.com.cy

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