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They legalize illegal exemptions – Mayors and community leaders out of reserve

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Legalize illegal exemptions - Mayors and community leaders out of reserve

A bill that legitimizes the granting of exemptions or even postponements from the fulfillment of the duty of reserve service to the mayors, community heads of municipalities and communities, jailers, as well as to specific population groups and categories of citizens is being prepared by the Ministry of Defense. years. In a recent audit, the Audit Office found that the above officials, civil servants and categories of citizens have been exempted from the obligation to serve in the reserve service for years, although the Law on the National Guard does not include them in the beneficiaries of exemption or postponement. . A fact that is known to the Ministry of Defense, therefore he knew that it was illegal, as a decade ago and specifically on 19/9/2012, with a relevant document of the GEEF, which was identified and mentioned in its report by the Audit Office, requested from the Ministry of Defense legislating issues related to the conscription of certain persons, including mayors and community leaders. The Minister of Defense, Mr. Charalambos Petridis, after being informed about this, instructed the legal department of his ministry to prepare an amending bill that would legalize all the above cases of exemptions or postponements from the obligation of reserve service. Expanding, at the same time, the list of beneficiaries.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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