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They look forward to a productive dialogue after the meeting with Michailidou at OELMEK

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    ΠροσβλΕπουν σε παραγωγικδιαλογο μετα τη συναν τηση με Μιχαηλλδου στην ΟΕΛΜΕΚ

    They look forward to a productive dialogue after the meeting with Michaelidou at OELMEK – What they put on the carpet – We hope yesterday's meeting will be a positive sign, says Taliadoros

    We hope yesterday's meeting will be a positive signand precisely to help the dialogue with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth to be more productive and creative, said the President of OELMEK Dimitris Taliadoros to the Cyprus News Agency, when asked about the meeting they had on Thursday with the Minister of Education, Athina Michailidou.

    He noted that during the meeting, in which the General Director of of the Ministry, and the Director of Secondary Education and the person in charge of the Planning Office of the Ministry, all six issues, which OELMEK had raised in a letter to the Minister, were discussed at length.

    He added that the Minister of Education informed them of what the Ministry has done to date in response to each of its requests OELMEK.

    He also said that during the meeting there was an exchange of views and OELMEK pointed out certain things, which he believes should be taken seriously by the Ministry of Education.

    He stated, at the same time, that within the next few days the Ministry of Education will send them a minute of the meeting with what was said about each issue and the timetables set for each issue.

    Mr. Taliadoros said that the issues raised are the measures to deal with youth delinquency, the change in the legislative framework for private schools, the reintroduction of educational measures >which were abolished in the period 2013-2019, where here the Ministry told them that it made a costing which they will send them and they will see further how they will continue, the employment with contracts from the Education Service Commission for KIE and for ACTIONS, the three-year timetable for air conditioners from 2024-2027 and not to seconded education administrators to the Ministry or other services .

    Answering a question whether they also discussed the subject of the exams, Mr. Taliadoros said that the Pancypriot program has already been announced, noting that during the meeting they generally saw the program of the high school graduation, secondary and high school promotion exams.

    Note that the exam material for the 3rd high school exists, while for the other grades, the exam material will be announced shortly before Easter.


    “We hope that the meeting will be a positive sign and precisely help to make OELMEK's dialogue with the Ministry of the Interior more productive and creative”, he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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