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“They pluck the daisy” in AKEL and DIKO

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Complete stagnation and intense concern prevails both in the offices of Hezekiah Papaioannou and in the offices of DIKO in relation to the next steps of the effort to cooperate for the presidential elections. At the moment, the process is essentially deadlocked and one of the parties will have to make the “magic” move that will reopen the way for the prospect of cooperation. What & nbsp; still seems to keep alive the hope, is the will shown by the leaders of the two parties to exhaust any possibility before proceeding to a formal declaration of deadlock.

In any case, the data as it has been formed so far, as well as the time have started to push suffocatingly, with the two parties already having in the back of their brains, the possible scenarios that will have to follow if they finally fail to work together. between them. The data for each is of course different and the separate route scenario realizes that it hides a lot of risk. In this case, they know that it is very likely that either one of the two parties, or both, will be left out of the second round, when they will have to face a very difficult situation. This is something that is hotly debated in the political wells, as the political scene is extremely fluid and questionable for all political forces. The case of cooperation between AKEL and DIKO would be the ideal scenario for both, as it will significantly increase the chances that their common candidate will be one of the two final gladiators. But the question is what will happen in the separate route scenario.

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Given the candidacy of Averof Neophytou on the one hand and Nikos Christodoulidis on the other, in AKEL there is no margin for him not to be his candidate in Vygyros. Such a scenario would be a nightmare for the leadership of the Left party, because it will have virtually no choice in the second round. It should therefore be an option that brings together the party's voters to a large extent. Of course, since the discussions with DIKO are in progress and the party does not have a candidate, any conclusions from measurements would be premature. However, what has been recorded as a given in opinion polls is the popularity of the MP Irini Charalambidou and which seems to be able to unite the people of AKEL. She herself, no matter how many times she was asked, has not taken a position, throwing the ball to the party leadership. The latter, however, does not seem to want to open this chapter, despite the fact that it seems to be under pressure from the party base for the case of Irini Charalambidou. However, her name could play a role in the cooperation with DIKO, if the leadership of AKEL threw its name on the table. & Nbsp;

As for DIKO, at this stage they will not put any other name on the table except Nikolas Papadopoulos or Christiana Erotokritou. The proposal for the party's deputy president was the move by which the party leadership hoped to solve the riddle, however the unsuccessful response from AKEL so far caused disappointment. They also clarified to the leadership of Hezekiah Papaioannou that they are not going to discuss cooperation with any of the names of candidates who have seen the light of day so far. What they expect is a final answer from AKEL, to finally clarify the scene. Beyond that, there are two scenarios for the Democratic Party: & nbsp;

& gt; & gt; Autonomous descent with candidate Nikolas Papadopoulos in a collaboration with EDEK or other opposition parties

& gt; & gt; Support for the independent candidacy of former Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis.

The second scenario has several supporters who see that DIKO can return to the Government through Christodoulidis. At the same time, however, there is intense concern in the party leadership, with many raising the issue of the party's political credibility. “Christodoulidis election means that Anastasiadis is like leaving while staying. “We can not talk about change, supporting Christodoulidis”, said a party official.

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