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They postpone the appointment so as not to declare a dead end

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From week to week AKEL and DIKO are doing it with the leaders of the two parties trying, as it turns out, to save time and give extension to the hope for their possible cooperation in the presidential elections. The data in each case is extremely difficult with the process at the moment being virtually deadlocked. However, nothing will be officially announced this week either, as neither AKEL nor DIKO has scheduled any session of a party body. & Nbsp;

In the case of AKEL, as we are informed, while a session of the Politburo was originally scheduled for tomorrow, it was finally postponed, since there was virtually no development from the last session about ten days ago. Respectively for DIKO the Secretariat of the party will not meet, as it usually happens every Tuesday afternoon, as at least two members of the Secretariat have been diagnosed with Covid and can not attend the session, but on the other at 4 in the afternoon A meeting with the Ecologists' Movement has been scheduled. The meeting will take place at the offices of the Ecologists and the presidents of the two parties will be accompanied by members of their Secretariat. But beyond that, there is essentially nothing new to discuss from what was mentioned in last week's session.

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In AKEL they are looking for a third person, in DIKO they are waiting in the streets candidates and parties for dialogue with citizens Nikos's announcement is approaching – Daily contact with citizens «Madoun the margarita “in AKEL and DIKO

The leadership of AKEL received yesterday in the offices of Hezekia Papaioannou a delegation of Ecologists in the context of the contacts made with the opposition parties (except ELAM). It is expected that in the coming days, a meeting will be arranged with EDEK. As we are informed in Hezekiah Papaioannou, they want to hear from the other opposition parties their views on the presidential elections and then move on to the next step. At the moment there does not seem to be anything other than what has come to light in relation to the names that have fallen on the table. What is left to float, however, is that thoughts may be made again about the name of Nikolas Papadopoulos or Christiana Erotokritou, as a last resort to save the cooperation with DIKO.

On the other hand, information indicates that the Left party is now conducting exercises on paper for the selection of the candidate without the cooperation of DIKO in an autonomous course towards the presidential elections. In this case, the choice will be to support an independent candidacy, with the scenarios being specific. Achilleas Dimitriadis, Tassos Christofidis and Erato Kozakou Markoullis. All this will be brought before the Politburo, whenever it meets and which in turn will prepare a proposal for the Central Committee, for decisions to be taken and then to start the second round of internal dialogue with the grassroots party groups, which will be completed in Cyprus. Conference where the final decision will be made on the candidate that will be supported by AKEL for the presidential elections. The schedule for completing this whole process is within Spring, which means that the hourglass of time is running out. So, either with or without DIKO, there must be a final clearing of the landscape in the coming days.

In the case of DIKO, things are different. Nikolas Papadopoulos is essentially waiting to see what the outcome of the contacts with AKEL will be and then to put on the table any alternative options. Essentially, the scenarios are not many: Either they will end up in the autonomous descent with a candidate the president of DIKO himself or they will decide to support the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis, for which there is a tendency within the party. For both cases, the negatives and the positives that may arise are examined, with party executives emphasizing that the ideal scenario was and remains the cooperation with AKEL.

First date AKEL – Ecologists

AKEL and Ecologists had their first meeting yesterday in the context of the contacts made for cooperation in the presidential elections. The first meeting was of an exploratory nature, with the two parties keeping the door to dialogue open for cooperation.

“We were pleased to receive a delegation of the Ecologists' Movement headed by the president of the Movement, his friend Charalambos Theopemptou, to discuss the issue of the presidential elections,” AKEL Secretary General Stefanos Stefanou said after the meeting. “We consider the Ecologists a natural ally in the effort made by the opposition to unite forces in order to achieve the end of the alarm government, which has caused huge impasses in the place and to achieve the progressive change.

We discussed various issues “We agreed to continue the dialogue in order to find common ground which we objectively believe exists, to work together to achieve our electoral goals as I have mentioned them,” he concluded.

“Opposition is a priority”

DIKO Secretary General & nbsp; Athos Antoniadis in his statements yesterday on Alpha's noon show stated that his party is currently engaged in dialogue with the parties belonging to the opposition, including the largest, AKEL. “We are entering a second round of official discussions, I would say this week, with the aim and purpose of being able to find the common candidate, but the program that we will present to society is also very important. It is not just a matter of candidate. DIKO put two names, the president and the deputy, which we consider capable of playing this role. We must at some point enter into the discussion with those we will work with, whether they are parties or candidates or organized groups, in relation to the program. “Society does not want a name, it wants a vision,” he said, adding that another round of dialogue would be held in the absence of an agreement. As he said, the two parties have set schedules and in the coming days or weeks it will be clear whether or not they can cooperate.

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