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They promised TAEP children before Christmas but… coal the treasure

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ΥποσχΕθηκαν &Tau ;ΑΕΠ παιδιων πριν τα Χριστοψγεν&nu

Not even the foundations were laid on the site of the Nicosia General Hospital, which – after difficult negotiations, objections and changes of plans – has been indicated by the authorities as the ideal one for the creation of the Accident and Emergency Department for children, with the timetables that the themselves have determined, to exhale.

It's December, Christmas is coming and we're still waiting. The situation is very similar to what was discussed and is still being discussed about the Emergency Departments and those involved must see with a clear eye how the world is tired of the promises. The delays, the suffering of patients and their waiting to fully enjoy what was gained with the introduction of the General Health System, is not a political issue but a right, especially when the decisions concern children.

And that's not all. It is also the fact that, despite the introduction of the institution and the creation of the appropriate perspectives for a health system that will provide citizens with the best health services, offering them better infrastructure, access to consumables and medicines, European Cyprus is almost the only country in the European Union which does not have First Aid for children, even in the post-GeSy era.

In fact, the planning for the creation of a children's first aid center had been spent in sessions between the authorities on whether the First Aid for children should operate within the Makarios Hospital or if a more ideal place should be temporarily found. In the end, although they had ended up creating a TAEP for children in Makarios, the plans of the Ministry of Health and the Organization of State Health Services changed at the last minute.

Throughout the public reports and positions, both from the Ministry of Health and from OKYPY, that the ideal place was Makareio Hospital, they willfully closed their ears to the voices of those who stressed from the beginning that Makareio, due to the age of its building infrastructure and the lack of staff, it is inappropriate. In addition to this, some people felt offended when the Director of the Pediatric Clinic of the hospital, Dr. Avraam Ilias, in his statements to the Health Committee of the Parliament, characterized Makariou as a slum, since its Departments are housed in containers outside the hospital.

When in fact images were published by the media that demonstrate the situation  that prevails, OKYpY, rushed to issue a statement and artfully blamed the journalists instead of them and the Ministry of Health, that one of the best public medical centers in our country is surrounded by tins, containers and with frequent visits by mice…< /p>

Of course, the responsibilities may not have fallen on the real people responsible for the image of a forgotten hospital presented by Makareio, which hosts hundreds of children every day, but they landed in reality, since after a relevant investigation, gaps were identified in support services and infrastructure that would make the place ideal for safe for the children who will visit it and it was found that Makareio does not comply with the conditions, hence they moved from their original location and are moving the TAEP for children temporarily to the Nicosia General Hospital.

Of course, it remains unknown to this day how far the procedures from OKYPY are at, and whether it will finally be able to catch up with the timetables that the Organization itself and the Ministry of Health have set, i.e. the opening of the site by the Christmas holidays. . As it remains unknown whether this temporary solution that they thought of  will also remain temporary, like so many other temporary decisions and announcements, without substance, that have been announced since Michalis Hadjipantela took over the portfolio of the Ministry of Health.

What has not been understood by the parties involved is that they are tired of their promises. Health does not want hasty and temporary solutions. The health sector needs political seriousness, especially when it concerns children.

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