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They push the movement of asphalt with express licensing

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They push the movement of asphalt with express licensing

Angelos Nikolaou

Since July 29, 2020, when the decision of the Council of Ministers was taken to move the asphalt from the Idali-Tseri area within a period of eight months, one and a half years have already passed without implementation. And what the competent services did not manage to do during this period, they are called to do it immediately with express procedures in order to grant the relevant approvals and on March 1, 2022, to start the movement of the asphalt in Mitsero. Then, within another three months, all the relevant studies are expected to be submitted, to be licensed and to start the movement of asphalt concrete units in the area of Kalavasos.

The schedules were set at a meeting yesterday at the Presidential Palace, where in the presence of President Anastasiadis with the Ministers of Interior and Agriculture and officials, on the relocation of factories from the areas of Idali-Tseri Municipalities, it was decided to complete the process within three months. their movement.

Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos stated that during yesterday's meeting, the President of the Republic was informed about the progress of the procedures for the final relocation of the asphalt production plants from the mentioned areas. “From all the information, both from the environmental studies and from the consultations with the involved parties, it was clear that the licensing and relocation process of the mentioned factories is expected to be completed within a quarter”, he noted. He added that the President of the Republic expressed his satisfaction with the progress achieved, reiterating the Government's determination to implement the decision to relocate the factories, but also the strict observance of the conditions and prerequisites based on environmental studies, to ensure nuisance operation of factories in the areas to be relocated.


Meeting, but also a protest for the asphalt factories The relocation of the asphalt factories within a quarter

Regarding the relocation of the asphalt concrete production unit of the company Prometheas Asphalt Ltd from Cherry to Mitsero, it is noted that after the evaluation of the environmental studies, the Environmental Authority has issued a positive opinion. And while the issuance of an urban planning permit was pending, following a suggestion by a group of academics from the University of Cyprus, the Department of Environment asked an independent researcher to differentiate the odor dispersion study into a meteorological database per year for five years. This study after its completion was discussed between the team of academics and the independent researcher.

It was found at the meeting that the relocation of the asphalt to Mitsero will have a negligible impact on the environment. The group of academics expressed reservations regarding the aggravated situation in the area. However, the Ministry of Agriculture considers that the relocation can be implemented and asked the group of academics to assist in relation to the operating conditions and operation monitoring of the unit.

In addition, suggestions for adding terms to the opinion of the Environmental Authority are expected to be sent immediately, as well as a revised draft of conditions for securing a Gaseous Waste Emission Permit, which take into account their suggestions. At this stage, the Environmental Authority is waiting for the positions of the university students and then the examination of the application for urban planning permit will be completed.

February the discussion about asphalt in Kalavasos

The process for the relocation of the asphalt concrete production units of the companies Prometheas Asphalt Ltd, Cyfield Asphalt Ltd and Iacovou Asphalt Ltd in Kalavasos is in the final stage. The three companies are expected to submit comprehensive environmental impact assessment studies very soon, which will include studies on the emission of pollutants and odors on an annual basis for five years, based on the recommendations of the academic team. The studies will be for the three units separately, as well as cumulative. The Department of Environment is expected to make a public presentation on the subject within the first ten days of February. The Environmental Impact Assessment Committee will then meet in February 2022 to evaluate all studies. The goal is to issue the planning permits by the end of April and to start the movement on May 1, 2022.

Protested for “clean air and not toxic”

Residents of the parish of Agios Konstantinos and Eleni in Dali staged a protest outside the Presidential Palace yesterday, as the decision of the Council of Ministers to move the asphalt factory from the area remains unimplemented, while health problems and nuisance, as they state, are intensifying. The event took place at 10:30, at the time when the meeting was being held inside the Presidential Palace under the President of the Republic, in order to evaluate the implementation of the decision to relocate the asphalt production plants.

The affected residents expressed their indignation at the perpetuation of the problem, which dramatically affects their daily lives and health. With a slogan for “clean air and not toxic”, the residents stated that with each passing day, everyone's health is at stake. “There are children who need to take cortisone to go to school, as the operation of the factory in the morning worsens their asthma, and eventually cortisone causes them other health problems,” Kristi Zevki, one of the protesting residents, told KYPE. and added that due to the stifling atmosphere “this morning we could not leave our homes”.

With the perpetuation of the presence of the asphalt plant in the area, as the residents explained, people of all ages face respiratory problems, while they are worried that other serious health problems are due to its effects on air quality.

Source: www.philenews.com

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