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They put € 1.81 billion in loans

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They put € 1.81 billion in loans

Eleftheria Paizanou

Cash acquisition companies (including KEDIPES) received € 1.81 billion in cash and real estate from the day they became operational. Most of the receipts (amount of € 965 million) came from loans belonging to natural persons and the rest of the income (€ 835 million) related to loans of legal entities.

According to a confidential note of the Central Bank that was sent to the Parliament, the receipts of the specific companies in cash were € 1.07 billion and the real estate was € 739 million. loans located in KEDIPES (cash € 708 million and real estate € 460 million). It is worth noting that the book values of the real estate that came into the possession of the credit acquisition companies concern either a consensual exchange of real estate with debt, or the acquisition of real estate after a barren auction. Credit companies, except KEDIPES, bought 112,678 loans from banks for € 2.64 billion, but have total receivables from borrowers of € 12.6 billion. At the same time, KEDIPES took over the management of 77,561 credit facilities of the former Cooperation with receivables € 7.52 billion from borrowers.

Loans of € 106 million without guarantors and collateral

From the analysis of the amounts collected from the credit redemption companies and KEDIPES, it appears that from the management of loans amounting to € 106 million (€ 96 million legal entities and € 10 million natural persons) concern loans without guarantors and without collateral . Specifically, the receipts of € 965 million in cash and in real estate from loans belonging to natural persons are divided into five categories:

-Cash of € 300 million and € 275 million have been collected from real estate, from loans which were without guarantors but with secured real estate.

-Cash of € 190 million and € 121 million from real estate were received by companies from loans that have at least one guarantor or collateral provider and with real estate collateral.

-Cash € 77 million and real estate € 2 million, concern receipts from loans that have at least one guarantor or collateral provider and without real estate collateral.

– € 10 million in cash has been collected from loans without guarantees and collateral.

– Receipts of € 8 million were received by credit acquisition companies from other cases.


Source: www.philenews.com

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