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They remain without water in the Prasteio community – “The settlement was not made”

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ΧωρΙς νερo παρ αμένουν στην κοινοτητα Πραστει ο-«Δεν εγινε ο διακανονισμος»

There was no settlement yesterday for the reconnection of the electricity that feeds the turbines of the Trachypedoulas-Prastio irrigation system.

According to the Paphos Prefecture Mary Lambrou, the problem with the water supply in Prastio unfortunately continues, adding however, that it is not the responsibility of the Provincial Administration or the Ministry of the Interior, but the exclusive responsibility, as he said, of the community council and the irrigation committee to come to an agreement and pay the rights of the EAC to which they are owed.

During the water cut, Ms. Lambrou said, the EAC proceeded to supply power to the pump.  Yesterday Thursday, Pafos Prefecture noted, “we tried to consult both sides and with the EAC. EAC Paphos had, as he said, accepted to pay at least 3,000 euros for the reconnection, but they also wanted a written commitment from the irrigation committee that they would undertake the gradual repayment of the remaining amount.

Members of the region's irrigation network went to the offices of EAC Pafos on Thursday with the intention of paying one thousand euros against the accumulated debt of around 12 thousand euros, Ms. Lambrou said, however EAC requested at least three thousand for the reconnection.

We were trying, Paphos Prefecture told KYPE, “with the irrigation committee to find an additional amount because they have not started collecting taxes or water consumption fees”, noting that the irrigation committee should also be more active.

According to Ms. Lambrou, the efforts will continue even today, expressing the hope that there is an agreement between the community council and the irrigation committee.

At the same time, she mentioned that a few months ago they once again mediated together with the Department of Waters in the effort to separate the water because the supply is shared.  The Department of Water said “it has excavated a new borehole in Diarizos with funds from the Provincial Administration and the drilling equipment remains”. She informed that it will take a few months to complete the work, noting, however, that in the meantime the two sides will have to agree on the payment of the fees.

Ms. Lambrou noted that Prasteio is a small community with three permanent residences and another six-seven summer residences. As he mentioned, these are Turkish Cypriot homes that were granted years ago. Currently, Ms. Lambrou said, the Prastei Municipal Corporation undertakes and receives tested drinking water through a tanker.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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