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They stole a car, removed parts and burned it. Handcuffs on 2 persons

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Εκλεψαν αυτ οκλνητο, αφαλρεσαν εξαρτorματα κ&alpha ;ι το εκαψαν. Χειροπεδες σε 2 πρόσω&pi ;α

Two in custody for theft and arson of a vehicle in the village of Episkopi in Paphos – They had stolen a car from a repair shop, removed parts and burned it – The observation of its 34-year-old owner “burned” them – A 26-year-old and a 28-year-old were arrested

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Two persons, aged 26 and 28, were taken into custody on Wednesday in connection with an investigated theft case and arson of a vehicle in the village of Episkopi.

According to the Office of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters and the data under review, on October 11 of 2022 after information members of the Paphos Police found a car damaged by fire in a field in the village of Episkopi in the Paphos district.

From the tests carried out it was established that the owner of the vehicle was 34 years old. It was also determined that the fire in the vehicle had been set maliciously.

According to the owner of the vehicle, it had been stolen on the evening of Sunday October 9th from a tire repair shop and then it was allegedly taken to a deserted area in Episkopi and subsequently set on fire.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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