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They sued a doctor, their information was leaked and eventually they were found guilty

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The family of a patient who died and after his death reported the situations he experienced during the pandemic, when the father of the family was hospitalized in a ward of the Nicosia General Hospital, since OKYpY seems not to have ensured the their personal data, as a result a doctor, to whom reference was made, proceeds with a lawsuit, requesting damages of up to 50 thousand euros for defamation.

The family's adventure began when during their father's stay in the particular Department of the hospital, they found bad living conditions and bad attitudes, which they faced every day from the medical and nursing staff, as they claim, while speaking of doctor's indifference in relation to the difficult psychological situation the patient found himself in, due to the ban on visits.

The patient died a few months later and the family, as is their position, having as their last images and words from their father, the cries for help and the indifference shown by the staff, at the beginning of 2022 he filed an official complaint with the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY), with the sole intention, as he claims, “that no other patient should experience what their father experienced” .

The exact same complaint was also forwarded to the Cyprus Patient Associations Federation (OSAK), without, however, listing the details of the doctors and staff. The purpose was to transfer the relevant complaints to the competent bodies and also to receive relevant answers.

Nevertheless, the story took a different turn, since by decision of the OKYpY an investigating officer was appointed, from whom some clarifications were requested. With the appointment of an officer, in May 2022,  the family received a lawsuit from a doctor referred to in the complaint.

The doctor is seeking damages of up to 50 thousand euros, “for written defamation and/or harmful falsehood or untruths published by the defendant in her letter and the which are included in her defamatory letter published from the defendant's email address and sent electronically to the organization…”, as stated in his lawsuit.

The doctor's reaction raises many and various questions about the way the authorities choose to react in cases where patients and their families file a complaint about what is wrong with the hospitals, since it seems that the OKYpY did not secure her personal data family, resulting in the relevant reaction from a doctor's report. Something that sends wrong messages to the next ones who wish to file a complaint, since the risk of reprisals, due to the leakage of personal data, is visible, without meaning that any complaint against anyone is adopted without investigation. 

Of course, what the family claims, both through their complaint to OKYPY and their reports to OSAK, is that their intention was not vindictive, but against him, their only intention was any other patient and the family of not experiencing what they themselves went through. In fact, they believe that with the complaint recommendations could be made to doctors and medical staff to behave better. READ HERE: Patient complaints during the holidays – Unanswered calls, waiting times and suffering

From victims, abusers – OSAK seeks answers

The family, as of March 2022, only received a response from the Agency last December regarding their complaints, however they were not satisfied with the responses they received. On the contrary, they felt that their reports were not taken into account at all and that the victims became the perpetrators of the serious incidents, as presented by OKYpY.

Similar questions as those raised above were also raised by OSAK to the State Health Services Organization, since in a letter to the General Executive Director of OKYPY, it requests information regarding the actions taken and the procedures followed during the investigation of the complaint, in order to ensure the rights of the person who submits the complaint, that is, “will not be intimidated and pressured by the nursing and medical staff through filing a lawsuit or in any other way”.

On the occasion of the&nbsp ?adventure to which the family is subject, OSAK asks the OKYpY  to take measures to avoid these phenomena, in order to ensure that a similar case will not arise, since it will be a deterrent for patients or their families who want to proceed in related complaints.

Despite efforts to withdraw the lawsuit, it is progressing normally and a date has already been set to give the relevant lessons. It is now questionable whether patients and their families ultimately have equal rights, since a complaint that was intended to raise the alarm about behavior within hospitals has had the opposite effect. A fact that prevents anyone in the same position from filing a complaint.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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