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They tremble at the flu-coronavirus cocktail

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They tremble at the flu-coronavirus cocktail

Along with the coronavirus, specialists and government agencies have to deal with seasonal viruses. This is an extremely dangerous combination for this and requires vigilance but also proper preventive actions to avoid the worst. Discussions and plans for the issue have already begun. At the last meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the epidemiological data as they were formed in recent weeks were put on the table and satisfaction was expressed with the course. Nevertheless, their concern is focused on the fact that there is an outbreak of viruses in the pediatric population.

The scientists were particularly pleased with the situation in the schools and it was common to find that the situation is under control. Fears of an outbreak do not seem to be coming true.

Fears about the spread of viruses

“The surprise for us was the schools, especially the primary schools and the kindergartens. There we thought there would be an outbreak, but it seemed that the situation was under control. However, we are not complacent since the appearance of a new mutation can upset the data. “But what worries us is that there are viruses that did not exist last year at such a time and some of them appeared in the summer, such as bronchiolitis,” said Maria Koliou, Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee after the meeting.

A common finding of scientists is that the situation with the coronavirus is now in remission. However, this does not mean that the pandemic has come to an end. Of course, some people still do not report their contacts to the tracking team, mainly due to quarantine, while as it turned out, 90% of the patients have mild symptoms.

Influenza is just around the corner

At the same time, scientists both locally and internationally are concerned about influenza A. Last year, due to the measures, the incidents were limited to none at all. But what worries them now is that people who belong to the groups of the population who immediately need to get the vaccine, if they do not, there is a possibility that they will become seriously ill. In fact, the competent services are coming forward and will launch an information campaign within the next few days.

“Immunity from the flu A vaccine is lost after a while. The flu vaccine should be given to the groups of the population that are vulnerable to the virus, because the situation this year may be worse and the flu A` may come with more severe symptoms. “Last year, due to the measures, some people may not have been vaccinated, but this year it is important for them to do so in order to protect themselves”, stressed Ms. Koliou.

Vaccinations for the flu have started since yesterday Monday and the recommendation of doctors and specialists is like those who fall into the categories of vulnerable groups rush to be vaccinated. People over the age of 65, children from six months to 15 years must be vaccinated. Along with them and all those who belong to groups of patients with chronic and other diseases.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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