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They want Apollo to end the “drought”

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The six thousand Apollonists who will be filled to the brim with & # 8217; the western edge of Tsireio will be passionate and thirsty. To help as much as possible their team to reach the big goal. It is questionable whether the players will respond this time around, because three weeks ago in the match against Paphos they were left unchecked. to end the “drought” in defeats after three months. If they succeed and take a four-point lead over their main rival for the championship, then they will have… terrible suicidal tendencies not to bring the title to Limassol.

According to the official information, it is still not certain that Ogenta and Avlonitis will be at the disposal of the technical leadership. And to count the two players, we do not expect to see any of them in the original plan. Basically, there are two question marks for the eleven. If Maurias returns and Filiotis stays on the bench. And secondly, if Dabo finally starts, which of the Pittas, Dignini will stay on the bench. Unexpectedly, the other nine will be the ones who started last week with Anorthosis: Jovanovic, Alesami, Roberts, Hambos, Kol, Spoliaric, Hamas and Albanis.

Meanwhile, Milenko Spoliaric is looking forward to the outcome of the “battle” for the title. Not only as a former Apollon footballer, but also because it will be a great happiness for his youngest son, Danilo, to lift the championship. In a radio interview yesterday, he jokingly said, “I would like to play on Sunday too.”

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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