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They welcome the reception of vaccinated Britons

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They welcome the reception of vaccinated Britons

The British press describes the announcement of the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savva Perdiou for the decision to receive vaccinated British tourists from 1 May, as a “huge boost” for the British travel agents and organizations.

All the British media refer to the statements of the Undersecretary in KYPE, noting that “the borders of Cyprus will be opened” for those Britons who have had both doses of the vaccine, something that will remove the need for diagnostic tests and quarantine.

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What is emphasized is that according to the exit map from the lockdown presented by Boris Johnson, the probable date on which leisure trips abroad will be allowed is May 17th at the earliest. Therefore, it is commented, the Cypriot announcement strengthens the hope for a British international vacation, but potentially creates a “headache” in the British Government that may be under pressure from the domestic tourism industry to speed up the timetable for lifting the restrictions.

Sun reminds that the date for the start of leisure trips abroad is expected to be finalized on April 12, when the recommendations of the Working Group on International Travel will be submitted.

The Times writes that travel groups and agents in Britain will now begin to close deals with hotels in Cyprus and other countries that will announce that they will receive visitors from the country.

British travel companies, such as easyJet, have from time to time stated that they will be prepared to respond to movements in countries that will allow travelers to arrive from Britain. Last week, the CEO of easyJet said that the company is ready to increase the full capacity of flights to these countries.

The Times adds that the Cypriot authorities are studying ways in which they can check that arrivals from Britain have made the two doses of vaccines. Among these ways could be an application for smart phones or letters of confirmation from doctors.

The Daily Mail writes that Cyprus has been “coming in and out” of lockdown for about a year now, “but its own outbreak of coronavirus is mild compared to other countries”.

He also points out the expanded diagnostic test program, “with almost everyone having to get tested once a week.”

Sky News informs the interested travelers that 36,004 cases and 232 deaths from coronavirus have been recorded in Cyprus.

The Guardian notes the agreement that Cyprus has already concluded with Israel for the reception of vaccinated tourists.

He also recalled that the British Government has said it is in discussions with other Governments and travel agencies about the possibility of an international vaccination certification system.

The Independent Travel Editor Simon Calder commented on the Cypriot announcement that due to the progress of the vaccination program in the UK, British tourists will be very “attractive” to countries looking for ways to “restore their tourism industry by restricting their own tourism industry.” at the least possible risk to public health “.

Asked what could apply to a family in which some members have received both doses of the vaccine and only one or no doses, Calder said that Cyprus will also receive negative diagnostic tests. within 72 hours before departure.

So far in the United Kingdom the first dose of the vaccine has been given to 20,982,571 citizens and the second dose to 963,862.

A second dose of both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine is given within 12 weeks of the first dose. By 1 May, the second dose of the vaccine is estimated to have been given to around 11 million people in the UK.

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