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They will say it through a video conference Anastasiadis – Tatar

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They will say it through a video conference Anastasiadis - Tatar

President Anastasiadis and the Turkish Cypriot leader will have a meeting via teleconference tomorrow at 10.15 in the morning, as announced by the “spokesperson” of Ersin Tatar.

According to reports from the occupied territories, Berna Cielik Dogrujol said in a written statement that the talks will take place in the light of the decision to resume the crossings, with the participation of the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Cyprus, Elizabeth Spehar.

The process that started last March with the proposals we made was completed, said in his own written statement Ersin Tatar, saying that after a strong effort there was an agreement with the e / k side and all roadblocks will be reopened, and all 9 of the June 4, next Friday.

In his statement, Mr. Tatar referred to the efforts he had made since he was “prime minister”, especially the roadblock on Ledra Street to the difficulties faced by the shopkeepers in the region, to the UN and the EU.

He also states that the “senior committee of infectious diseases” monitors the epidemiological picture on the Greek side and made reports, recalling that recently there was a lockdown due to the increased cases. But, he added, from May 10, with the measures taken on the e / k side, “southern Cyprus” – in his words – entered the orange category.

The crossings, he continues, are made with transitional measures for Covid 19, saying that from Friday, from and to the other side, a negative 7-day PCR test will suffice and this does not only concern the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, but also third country nationals.

“I believe that this development will help both sides to overcome the financial difficulties created by the pandemic. As a T / C side, we have always kept such and similar channels of cooperation open and we will continue to do so. Our principle is, if there is good will, to cooperate diplomatically and with good will, with our Greek Cypriot interlocutors in many areas that will be in the interest of both sides “.

Reactions of parties

RTK in an announcement welcomes the reopening of the roadblocks, saying that the issue is humanitarian and the roadblocks will open 461 days later.

The closure of the crossings, it is added, led to the termination of relations between the two communities and had an impact on traders on the Turkish Cypriot side.

In a post on MKD, the president of KL, Kudret Ozersay stated that the agreement for the reopening of the crossings is reasonable, balanced and applicable.

“On the other hand, I would like to make a warning: I hope that the report made in the context of the return to the situation before the epidemic will not be interpreted differently by the Greek Cypriots. “Because the Greek Cypriot side had implemented unilateral restrictions, difficulties and obstacles in the crossings of third country nationals before the outbreak of this pandemic.” In this matter, he continued, the “presidency” and the “subcommittee” must be vigilant and closely monitor the implementation of what has been agreed.

Meanwhile, Geni Duzen states on her website that the crossings from the roadblock of Agios Dometios have already started today, while at the roadblock of Ledra Street, preparations are being made on both sides.

The article states that according to information from the “police”, the crossings from the roadblock of Agios Dometios are made based on the decision of the “cabinet”. Yeni Duzen writes that Turkish Cypriots who want to move to the Greek Cypriot side must have a negative PCR document. The same goes for the Greek Cypriots who want to move to the occupied territories or for people who have a document proving that they have been living on the Greek Cypriot side for the last 14 days.


Source: www.philenews.com

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