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Thirteen murders in Cyprus in two years – What scientific research has shown

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Thirteen murders took place in Cyprus during the years 2019 to 2020, two of which involved girls, while almost all were committed by the current or ex-husband or partner as it turns out from an exhibition conducted as part of the FEM – United project, details of which were given at a Press Conference by the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies and TEPAK, hosted by Frederick University.

FEM-UnitED is a two-year transnational project funded by the EU's Rights, Equality and Citizenship program, involving five European countries: Cyprus, Germany, Malta, Portugal and Spain. As part of the program and for the prevention of gynecology, the information campaign “Make the connection” is launched, based on which five videos will be released.

The research of the FEM – United project showed that in the two years 2019 and 2020, 629 women were murdered in the countries participating in the program, with 60% having been committed by current or ex-husbands or partners.

As he stated at the Press Conference Susanna Pavlou, Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies, Cyprus, in terms of population, had the highest rate of female homicide compared to other countries participating in the program and by a large margin.

He added that almost all of the 90% of homicides were committed by a current or ex-spouse or partner. high rates of female homicide affect the 26- to 35-year-old age group.

Ms. Pavlou said that in the case of Cyprus the majority of female homicides concern women with an immigrant history inside and outside the EU. Also, in our country the majority of perpetrators are Cypriot citizens, something that does not happen in other countries participating in the program.

The majority of the way the genocide is committed is by drowning the victim, while only for one of the 13 cases recorded in Cyprus, the state services were aware of the existence of violence. The threat to the lives of the victims was also known in two cases.

Ms. Pavlou noted that she is particularly concerned about the fact that in those two cases that were known to the state services, decrees were issued for restrictive measures, which, however, were violated by the perpetrator, resulting in the murder of the woman.

For the The content of the campaign videos, Ms. Pavlou said, would emphasize the need to recognize the killing of women and girls because of their gender as homicides, linking the normalization of unequal power relations and violence to female genital mutilation and understanding the risk factors associated with with gynecology.

It will also emphasize the need to address harmful attitudes, behaviors and stereotypes that obscure the root causes of violence against women, as well as the collective demand from the state for effective state policies and measures to prevent genocide.

< p>The Program Coordinator of the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies, Alexia Siakou, said that the main action of the FEM – United program is the development of quantitative and qualitative data collection tools for the count of murders, the recording of risk factors and the identification of gaps. immediate response and intervention.

He added that after the research, recommendations will be promoted for the development of policies and measures aimed at preventing gynecology that can be implemented by all stakeholders.


The President of the Frederick University Council, Natasa Frederick, in her own greeting, expressed her satisfaction with the trust shown by the program partners in the university that prepared the entire campaign and the five videos.

She added that Although the topic of “Gynecology” is very dark, the “Make the Connection” campaign is “extremely optimistic”.

He explained that through five videos the campaign “tries to shed light on the nature, extent and conditions of these murders, the peculiarities that characterize them and that if we recognize and understand them, we will be able to see the recurring patterns that lead to female homicide, because if there are such, it means that we can predict these deaths and prevent them and that is optimistic. “

Source: KYPE

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Source: politis.com.cy

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