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This is a criminal act” – What the lawyer of Babi's family says

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Πρoκειται γι&alpha ; εγκληματικor ενεργεια» – Τι λεει ο δικηγόρος της οικογΕνειας του Μπaμπη

A week after the disappearance and the 31-year-old remains missing, reinforcing the worst-case scenario that he has been the victim of a criminal act. the lawyer of Babi's family referring to the disappearance of the 31-year-old in Messolonghi.

Speaking to MEGA and Live News, Mr. Costas Dimopoulos said that the family will file a lawsuit for the disappearance of their loved one by providing new information at their disposal.

Opening accounts >

Also as he made it known, the removal of banking secrecy will be requested in order to control the movements in the accounts of the 31-year-old.

“Opening accounts is an ongoing process to let's see the transactions he had and with whom,” he said characteristically.

The move by the family to appoint a lawyer and handle the case of Babi's disappearance as a criminal act, shows that now the scenario of the 31-year-old's murder is the most likely.

“The disappearance is professional . This is a criminal act.” Babi's father also declares.

“There is no suspect”

On Live News, the representative of the Greek Police, Constantia Dimoglidou, also spoke about the case, stating that “it is indeed a difficult case of disappearance, but you should know that all the technologies available to the police are exhausted in order to shed light on this story”.

As he said, an echelon of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is on site in the area and from today they are joined by Homicide officers from Athens in order to assist in the work of their colleagues from Messollogi and Patras.

As for the butcher friend of the 31-year-old, the representative of EL.AS. He stated that so far there is no suspect in the case and the man in question was examined by the police since he is said to be the last person to see the missing person but nothing has come out against him so far.

Continues investigations

From the first moment Babi was reported missing, the butcher's friend gave successive statements claiming that when he left the 31-year-old, he returned to his house and did not leave it.

However, a video found by the Police shows that the butcher had not told the whole truth.

One week ago, at 20:20 at night, the butcher took the missing man from his home, to his settlement Agios Thomas in Messolonghi and as he said he left him 10 minutes later at the TEI intersection, on the old Antirrio – Ioannina highway.

The chronicle

At 20:40 the butcher's car can be seen on the Ionian Road camera moving on the old national road towards Evinochori. Ten minutes later the vehicle leaves the national road and moves towards a rural area.

At 21.10 the butcher's jeep returns to the town of Messolonghi and at 21:30 it returns to his home, although due to the distance by car it was enough just 7 minutes.

As the convenience store's cameras show, the butcher went to buy toilet paper at 9:41 p.m. that night. With him, despite the pressing questions of the police, answering that he does not remember exactly what movements he did that night.

The gaps and unanswered questions

According to Live News sources, the butcher arrived at the convenience store, on Nafpaktos Street in Messolonghi and immediately after continued straight, in the opposite direction from his house.

How and why the butcher remembers some things selectively from the night of the disappearance? Why does he have a memory lapse from the moment he leaves the missing youth? What made him leave his house, a second time and immediately after continue in the opposite direction from his house.

To these and many other questions, Homicide officers are asked to provide answers.< /p>

The possibility of an accident

According to the Peloponnese newspaper, police sources report: “We cannot be categorical that this is a crime while the 31-year-old Babis is missing, but some other versions are also open, such as e.g. that he had a heart attack or some other sudden reason came up”.

The investigations in Messolonghi remain fruitless and as it seems the case – thriller enters its most critical turning point.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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