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This is Cyprus: 30 years of delay in examining an application for the registration of a rural road

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 This is Cyprus: 30 χρoνια καθ υστΕρησης στην εξΕταση αΙτησης γ ια εγγραφor αγροτικοy δρoμου

What the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights says in her report

The Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights, Maria Stylianou Lottidi, speaks in her report about the excessive delay in examining an application for the registration of a rural road submitted in 1994.

In the report of the Administrative Commissioner it is stated that the complaint concerns a delay in the completion of the registration process of a rural road adjacent to the parcel of the complainant in Delikipos.

The Commissioner notes that the road registration process adjacent to the complainant's lot had started in 1994. “Circular No. 1011 came into force on April 10, 2018, that is, 24 years after the start of the application process, and the lapse of such time period for its completion cannot be described as a reasonable time”, he points out.

“According to the investigation into the complaint, regarding the application, actions are still pending by the Larnaca Provincial Land Office (ECG) for proposed changes by the Delikipou Community Council regarding the routing of the road and for which it was informed by a letter from the Larnaca Provincial Administration dated August 27, 2018”, adds Mrs. Lottidi, underlining that “although the submission of the application began in 1994, after 30 years its examination has not been completed and is still pending”.

Then, she emphasizes that “any promotion of the road registration process according to the circular no. 1011, i.e. with the new regime, and not with the regime in force when the request was made in 1994, may create unfair results for the complainant, since he may no longer meet the criteria imposed by the new circular”.

The Commissioner of Administration recommends “that the examination of the registration of the road be completed as soon as possible, taking into account the previous regime that was in force before the implementation of circular no. 1011, as long as it acts for the benefit of the complainant”.

“The Report is submitted to the Prefect of Larnaca, the Provincial Land Officer of Larnaca and the President of the Delikipo Community Council for their own actions to implement the above recommendations, in framework of their responsibilities”, he concludes.

Source: politis.com.cy

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