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This is how I want Ankara's “minister” Thaksin

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& nbsp & nbspΦρίξος Δαλίτης & nbsp; & nbsp;

The Ankara government did not like the new composition of the illegal occupation regime, which once again openly intervenes openly in the affairs of the Turkish Cypriot community. The Turkish government demands the return of Thaksin Ertugruloglu to the so-called new cabinet, even threatening to cut off funding to the occupying regime if its wish is not fulfilled. The issue occupied yesterday three Turkish Cypriots in the occupied territories, who criticize the attitude of Ankara, which once again behaves and intervenes as a puppet of the occupied territories. It is recalled that Ertugrouloglou, who had “subordinate” debts in the previous composition of the occupying regime, was left out of the “government”, with reports saying that this was the wish of the occupying leader Ersin Tatar. & Nbsp;

As reported in the PRT newsletter, under the headline “Threat to the AKP's vassal administration: If there is no Thaksin, there is no money!” Özgür Gazete writes that the Ankara regime did not like the new “cabinet” formed by the “prime minister”, Faiz Suzuoglu, who left out of the ministry “Thaksin Ertugruloglu”, who, according to the article, did not want Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar. Citing sources within the “ruling” National Unity Party (UBP), the newspaper said that the first “cabinet” prepared by Suzuoglu was Ertugrouloglu's name, but Tatar told him that he did not want to work with Ertugrouloglu.


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Noting that Ankara's intervention was not long after Ertugrouloglou was ousted, the daily says that Ankara threatened Suzuoglu with financial difficulties to place Ertugrouloglou in the “interior ministry” and not in the “foreign ministry” previously. According to the newspaper, the real purpose of the pressure is to prepare Ertugrouloglou to run for the so-called presidency of the republic. & nbsp;

Commenting on the issue in his column in Yeni Düzen yesterday, Serhat ζιzirli said that no one who is not approved by Ankara can become a “minister” in the occupied territories, adding that everyone in the occupied territories is now accustomed to this situation. “Brother Thaksin must definitely remain a minister,” say some prominent Turkish figures, “the columnist notes, adding that no one is reacting to what is being said. & Nbsp;

Recalling that Ertugrouloglou had failed to be elected “MP” in the previous “elections” and that he was not a candidate in the last “parliamentary elections”, Incirli states: “But he must remain foreign minister. Well, why? It does not care at all the citizens, but mainly the members of UBP. Articles are written and comments are made that say “Turkey did not approve them, two ministers will change”. It was written by Levent Ozadam. And Ozadam would not have written it if he had not received information from somewhere. That is, dear members of UBP, do you not care at all about this situation? And then you froth when it says “this is called colonialism” or “it is a clear occupation”! Well, what is this system called? […] »& Nbsp;

Levent Ozadam writes in the Kıbrıs Postası that, as it is said, immediately after securing a “vote of confidence” from the “parliament” some party organizations will mobilize on the issue of “reform” of the “cabinet” and that many believe that they will change 3- 4 names. Describing the whole situation as a big test for Suzuoglu, the columnist states that according to rumors, there is an issue not only with “ministers” but also with the “presidency of the parliament”. It also writes: & nbsp;

“Normally, the cauldron boils inside the UBP. There are those who like the cabinet and those who do not. Allegations are spreading and attempts are being made to spread that after the government receives a vote of confidence, some party organizations will be mobilized! There has been a lot of silence on the issue of the cabinet since the beginning of the week. Many were convinced that they would change 3-4 names in the cabinet! Some say Ankara does not want these names and some that Ankara is not interfering in the cabinet and that the real quarrel is taking place within the party. As you will understand, there is complete confusion! ” & nbsp;

Takes 'vote of confidence'

The new three-party 'government' has received a vote of confidence, as reported by the Occupied Territories.

In the process of the vote of confidence, the ” government “by Faiz Suzuoglu was supported by 29” deputies “. 20 “MPs” voted against the new “government”, while one “MP” of the Turkish Cypriot official opposition abstained from the process. However, he did not secure autonomy. For this reason, after the “elections”, its leader, Mr. Suzuoglu, negotiated with the smaller parties to form a new “government”. Eventually, he chose to move on to the “tried” in the recent past, three-party scheme.

Source: www.philenews.com

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