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This is how Malena and Iris were killed: Someone shut their mouths and noses for 3-5 minutes – The result is shocking [Video]

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Shock is caused by the long-awaited conclusion of the medical examiners Karakouki and Kalogria regarding her deaths Malenas and Iris , whom ap officially leads to suffocation and therefore to criminal activity.

Experts talk about & # 8220; violent death mechanism & # 8221; and asphyxiation in both children, while rejecting the possibility of poisoning. for the Iris from mouth injuries, in combination with the cloth found next to the baby's lifeless body.

As reported by MEGA and the journalist Vassilis Lambropoulos, the conclusion of the medical examiners speaks of a common point in both deaths is that someone pushed it with great force mouth and nose of the two children.

& # 8220; Based on the data of the classical forensic research and a standard methodological approach for sudden deaths, we conclude with scientific certainty that the death of Malena and Iris Daskalakis was due to the obstruction of the airway exostorages. There is all the evidence of strong airway outlet pressure & # 8221 ;, typically mentioned in the report.

The 10 Reasons & # 8220; Show & # 8221; suffocating deaths

At least 10 reasons cited by medical examiners to support their position regarding suffocation as the cause of death of two children.

Among them are the suffocating spots on vital organs and the injury to the oral mucosa.

It is noted that The conclusion does not show the so-called sinus node agenesis , ie the absence of natural pacemakers of the heart, the cause that particularly bothered the case in the beginning.

At the same time, Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed that there will be a search to show how one forensic investigation shows criminal activity and how another attributes deaths to pathological causes.

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Grigoris Leo: 3-5 minutes was enough

& # 8220; It means that someone closed the children's mouths and noses and essentially due to lack of oxygen within a few minutes they ended & # 8221 ;, said the medical examiner Grigoris Leon to Mega about the suffocating death of the children.

& # 8220; The suffocating death has a short relative duration , 3 to 5 minutes is enough. It is a death that on the part of the perpetrator requires a great deal of willpower to carry out his act. In the first minute the body loses consciousness. One minute is 60 times to count in the form of seconds and at the same time to act in this direction, not to go back even for a moment & # 8221 ;.

Mr. Leon stressed that the suffocating death is difficult to diagnose , especially in children.

& # 8220; We are very lucky, in quotation marks, that these children had injuries. We usually do not have any injuries, because resistance is minimal, especially when it comes to relatives. This is something we see quite rarely, but the findings also need a lot of study & # 8221 ;, he said.

Regarding the initial forensic reports that attributed the deaths to pathological causes, Mr. Leon stated that he wants to believe that there was no deceit on the part of the medical examiners.

Read in detail the conclusion of the medical examiners

& # 8211; The combined exclusion of pathological causes of death leads, again according to the working methodology, to the violent mechanism of death.

& # 8211; Then, given the exclusion of the effect of mechanical, electrical or other factor, as well as poisoning, the diagnostic approach is directed to the deprivation (suffocation) mechanism of death. In this particular case, the suffocating mechanism as a cause of death is confirmed by the following necropsy/pathological/photographic findings: of photos.

  • Injuries, occurring alive, of the oral mucosa/upper lip of the mouth during the necropsy examination of the unbaptized female Daskalakis and the review of the photographs, in combination with the found cloth that carried a sufficient amount of blood.
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    Patra: The medical examiners' report was submitted for Iris and Malena

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    Patra: The conclusion of the medical examiners for Malena and Irisa- Criminal action with suffocating death

    Source: politis.com.cy

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