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This is how smart remote-controlled life preservers with a range of 800 meters work

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<p data-block-key=The Society for Tourism Development and Promotion of the Paphos Region (ETAP) held a demonstration and delivery event of innovative lifesaving equipment of advanced technology today in Lemba. It is about "smart" remote-controlled life preservers that have a range of up to 800 meters from their operator and are very fast.

An announcement by ETAP Paphos states that the equipment was handed over to the Lemba Community Council for the needs of surveillance and rescue of bathers at Sandy beach.

As mentioned, ETAP effectively strengthens the safety of bathers at the beaches by providing the latest type of “smart” remote-controlled life preservers, the only ones in Cyprus.

Similar actions, ETAP adds, related to the use of technology in tourism services continue to be implemented unabated throughout the province.

As noted these life jackets, which for for the first time they make their appearance in Cypriot seas, they are environmentally friendly, since they are electric and rechargeable, they have a range of up to 800 meters from the operator, the possibility of reaching a bather in need of help, very quickly since they are five times faster from the speed of the world swimming champion, while their maintenance is minimal and their use is very easy.

As reported, 3 life jackets have initially been secured which are delivered free of charge to the local authorities from the Tourism Development and Promotion Company of the Paphos Region.

ETAP Paphos warmly thanks the Kinyra Lifesaving Club for the cooperation as well as the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for the continuous support, concludes in her statement.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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