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This is the new president of the Paphos Hotel Association

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The new Provincial Committee

Αυτoς εiναι ο νeος πρoεδρος του Συ&nu

Euripidis Loizidis was elected as the new president of the Paphos Hoteliers Association in the framework of today's election Provincial General Assembly of the Paphos Hoteliers Association.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Loizidis said that the tourism industry went through a tough period due to COVID-19 in the years 2021-2022 with huge losses that completely paralyzed it for two years. He then continued, after 2022 the Ukraine war started with greatly reduced arrivals and huge increases in the cost of basic necessities such as increases in electricity etc.

Therefore he continued, we are in a period where the tourism industry is going through difficult years, noting that 2023 may look better, however he estimated that as hoteliers they have to face very big challenges of big expenses that have accumulated in recent years.

He pointed out that the worst of all in this period is the cost of interest rates, which burdens businesses a lot.

The hotels, he continued, have high borrowings, after explaining that they are not businesses, they are services and they rely on high borrowing due to their hotels.

Mr. Loizidis noticed that there are very serious problems that the Association must deal with carefully and methodically. Apart from the cost and the necessity of finding a solution with the banks and the electricity, he said, they are also particularly concerned about the issue of the labor force for which, while a decision was made to grant licenses from third countries, the procedures are time-consuming.

He also added that the hotels must be staffed with good staff who are able to serve the customers, saying typically that the hotels provide hospitality. Mr. Loizidis emphasized that we are almost at the end of May and permits have not yet been issued.

He then referred to issues that need to be addressed in cooperation with the Local Government. He added that in a session on Monday or Tuesday of the Association of Pafos Hoteliers, there will be a more extensive analysis of the problems. He also said that assuming the presidency and having a lot of experience, he assured the other members who elected him and the committee that they will all work hard together to be able to cope with a difficult period.

Regarding 2023, the new president of the Paphos Hoteliers' Association said that hotel traffic has improved but will not reach the numbers of 2019, noting that the costs are multiple times the income they will have this year.

In the meantime, according to a related announcement by the Paphos Hoteliers' Association, the new Provincial Committee of the Paphos Hoteliers' Association was elected within the framework of today's electoral Paphos Provincial General Assembly.

Subsequently, it is added to the announcement, it was formed into a body. Euripides Loizidis was elected president, Evelyn Komodromou as vice president, Loukis Loukas as 1st vice president, Antonis Aristodemou as 2nd vice president, Anna Michailidou as Secretary and Heraklis Christoforou as Financial Administrator.

In addition, 13 other members were elected. who will be part of the 19-member Board of Directors such as Efstathiou Andreas, Zenios Christos, Katsouri Phoebe, Kissonergi Natali, Constantinou Agathoklis, Mitroi Radu Stefan, Panagiotidis Kostas, Pantazis Ioannis, Toulias Nikolas, Filippidis Themis, Filippidis Stelios, Hatzievstathiou Andreas, and Hatzikoumis Resurrection .

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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