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This was the leading cause of death in Cyprus in 2022

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 Αυτor orταν η κυρ ιεαιοσπο 2022

There was a slight increase in deaths in Cyprus in 2022 compared to 2021

A 1.06% increase was seen in the deaths of Cypriot residents and visitors in 2022, which reached 7,404 compared to 7,336 in 2021, according to figures published today by the Statistical Service.

Based on the Health and Hospital Statistics publication, 52.3% of deaths involved men and 47.7% involved women, figures roughly unchanged in comparison with 2021.

Diseases of the circulatory system were the main cause of death with a rate of 28.5%, followed by neoplasms with 24.0%, diseases of the respiratory system with 9.5%, diseases of the endocrine glands, nutrition and metabolism with 7.6%, as well as injuries and poisonings from external causes with 4.7%.

At the same time, in 2022, 94,654 discharges were given to inpatients, i.e. to patients who stayed in a hospital for at least one night , marking an increase of 5.9%, compared to 2021 when 89,357 discharges were granted.

As the Statistical Service explains, part of the observed increase is due to the gradual inclusion of new hospitals in the NHS.

Of the discharges given in 2022, 45.9% concerned the hospitals of the State Health Services Organization (OKypy ), while a percentage of 54.1% concerned private hospitals contracted with the National Health Service, with the corresponding percentages for 2021 amounting to 46.0% and 54.0% respectively.

The largest number of inpatient discharges was given by the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology with a rate of 15.0%, followed by the specialties of General Surgery with a rate of 14.7%, Pathology with 12.0%, Cardiology with 10.9% and Orthopedics with 9.8%.

According to the diagnosis at discharge, diseases of the circulatory system recorded a rate of 12.4%, followed by diseases of the digestive system with a rate of 12.3%, neoplasms with 11.4%, diseases of the respiratory system with 10.6%, pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth with 10.5%, injuries, poisonings and specifically other consequences from external causes with 9.3% and diseases of the genitourinary system with 9.1%.

< p>As regards the discharges of Day Patients from Hospitals Contracted to the General Health System (GeSY), this number in 2022 reached 278,059 in 2022, marking an increase of 20.3%, compared to 2021 when 231,109 discharges were given to day patients.

According to the Statistical Service, this increase is partly due to the inclusion of new private day care hospitals in the NHS in 2022.

Of the discharges given in 2022, 56.2% concerned OKYpY hospitals, while a percentage of 43.8% concerned private hospitals contracted with the NHS, with the corresponding percentages in 2021 amounting to 62.7% and 37.3%

In 7.6 million visits outpatients

Additionally, in 2022, there were 7,669,535 outpatient visits, compared to 7,202,579 in 2021, an increase of 6.5%.

Of the total visits made in 2022, 879,584 (percentage of 11.5%) were performed in the outpatient clinics of hospitals and health centers affiliated to OKYPY and 6,789,951 (percentage of 88.5%) to doctors in the private sector contracted with the NHS.

The corresponding percentages for 2021 were 13.2% and 86.8%.

Regarding the provider of medical care, of outpatient visits to personal physicians, 11.8% were visits that they were done in OKYpY hospitals and health centers, while the remaining 88.2% in private doctors contracted with the National Health Service. The corresponding percentages for 2021 were 14.3% and 85.7%.

Of the outpatient visits to specialist doctors, 11.1% concerned visits made to OKYpY hospitals and health centers , while the remaining 88.9% to private doctors who are contracted to the NHS. The corresponding percentages for 2021 were 12.3% and 87.7%.

Source: politis.com.cy

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