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Thoughts on free solar installations for the vulnerable

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The cost of which will be repaid with a small charge on EAC tariffs, the Minister of Energy said

ΣκΕψεις για δωρεαν εγκ ατΑσταση φωτοβολταΙκоν σε ευαλωτ ου&sigmaf?

The government is working on the free installation of photovoltaic systems for vulnerable people, the cost of which will be reimbursed with a small charge on EAC tariffs, with the aim of every roof in Cyprus having its own photovoltaic system, as stated by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Giorgos Papanastasiou.

In statements after the conclusion of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Papanastasiou said that the aim of the plan, which is still being processed, is multiple, since it will deal with the problem of having space for large photovoltaic parks, while it will also support those who do not have the initial capital for the installation of a photovoltaic system with a parallel push towards sustainable energy.

At the same time, and while parties and organizations are asking for the extension of the electricity subsidy especially in these months of high temperatures, the Minister of Energy clarified that the government does not intend to do anything, since it aims at targeted support and sustainable support through government plans.

“It is correct to place every roof and photovoltaic, the reason is that we try to avoid using arable land to install photovoltaic systems because it is visually polluting and besides that it is not right to take a fertile land and turn it into electricity production through photovoltaics, we are essentially trying to promote the idea of ​​every roof and photovoltaics,” he said.

He emphasized that the government at the same time recognizes that some income groups find it difficult to find the capital for a residential photovoltaic system at a cost of €6,000 – €6,500 “so thoughts are being made at the moment and we are creating some programs which will be through the EAC, which will be announced the system against a single installment after the cost of electricity is reduced”.

That is, he explained as an example, in a house where there is an electricity cost of €300 to €400 per two months when the photovoltaic is installed the cost will reduced to €25 to €30 per two months.

“So you understand a small amount in addition to €25 to €30 for the purposes of amortization of the investment made in the house of each owner is basically not something that is difficult to shoulder,” he added.

In response to a question, Mr. Papanastasiou said that they will be packages that will be implemented by the EAC, but he noted that there is nothing to announce because the plan is being considered.

“We will soon be able to announce that there will be packages of 4 kilowatts, 7 kilowatts, 10 kilowatts, and depending on what can fit into the house in question, that package will fit.

He further explained that the issue of how this installment will be added to the electricity bill is also being examined. every day we speak”, he stressed.

Focus on sustainable support and not piecemeal subsidies

Asked about the expansion of electricity subsidy beneficiaries, Mr. Papanastasiou said that “we are concentrating in the wrong direction every time we talk about subsidies and the state is trying to subsidize things with the resources it has”.

I, he said, “I would answer that every household should look at their own house and limit themselves to doing the energy saving that they need, we should look at the plans that exist from the Ministry of Energy, that is, to concentrate on the installation of photovoltaics , to take from the residential energy upgrade plans instead of looking for subsidies each time”. they are usually not appropriate because they do not target the groups that need it”, he added.

“So that is probably where we should concentrate rather than piecemeal subsidies”, he continued.

Mr. Papanastasiou acknowledged that there are vulnerable groups who really need it and we should limit ourselves to these groups, to emphasize that the state's resources are limited.

“And we should purposefully help such groups through social benefits, but for the rest of the world, who cites difficulties, they should think about the rest of the plans, such as a photovoltaic system which will only be charged an amount on the electricity bill, you understand that the photovoltaic system will not be a distant goal”, he added.

He also noted that in the 08 tariff of the EAC even today, applications have not been made by all the beneficiaries “as a result of which there is a serious fund available to be able to offer this the subsidy”.

Saying that the government is focused on more sustainable and long-term support, the Minister of Energy noted that “that is why we concentrated on the packages of photovoltaics and hybrids and batteries rather than piecemeal subsidies”.

When asked if these weeks will something be done on the part of the government, Mr. Papanastasiou made it clear that these weeks “we will not do anything”. they have their photovoltaics. We will all suffer,” he said.

Recalling that Europe set an additional target to reduce electricity by an additional 20% from the initial target, Mr. Papanastasiou noted that “so you understand that as Cypriots we must follow the same course”.

“We must to focus on saving energy. Subsidies are not sustainable, it's not something we should actually support nor will we as a government support it,” he said.

Toward central planning for batteries

Besides, to a question about the issue of energy storage, Mr. Papanastasiou said that we went to a public consultation last week for the installation of electricity storage in the network. The public consultation will be open for the next two to three weeks to get feedback.

Essentially, he said, “we're promoting the idea of ​​having storage on the grid and not dumping electricity.” He reminded that the rejection of electricity in the autumn and spring period due to low consumption is seriously high which burdens the investors of solar parks.

“We intend, if everything goes well, in the next two years to have good storage of electricity in the grid”, he said.

According to Mr. Papanastasiou, the design provides for a central system unless there is so much interest for the other systems that will be placed in strategic points next to photovoltaic parks, next to from points where significant energy production is concentrated, so in such a case the central system may not be needed.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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