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Three-cover celebration in Eleftherias Square for Phidias Panagiotou – His mother burst into tears

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Τρικοεγλντισην αεευεγινεδα ααιοπσεμαη ;ητρα του

“I told him you wouldn't succeed and yet he did…”

The big party was set up in Freedom Square where hundreds of supporters of Pheidias Panagiotou, celebrated his great victory.

The 24-year-old Cypriot YouTuber managed to refute the exit polls of the last few days and gathered high percentages of Pancypriots, giving him a rightful place in the European Parliament.

His supporters welcomed him with shouts and slogans in the center of Nicosia, while he addressed his supporters and shouted that all together achieved a great victory which means hope. (see the celebrations here)

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His mother was also there who, speaking to Alpha Cyprus, burst into tears, saying characteristically: “I am very moved, I cannot describe it. We did not expect this thing… It is very touching, my other son became a community councilor for my village. Most of the people I see here are strangers and they come and hug me. Thanks to all the world. I hope he does a great job. The world was convinced by something unique that Phidias has. He is focused, humble, honest and authentic, that's why people were convinced and voted for him. I told him you won't succeed and yet he succeeded.

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Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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