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Three dams overflow next week – At 60.4% fullness

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Three dams overflow next week - At 60.4% fullness

At 60.4% is the fullness of the dams today, which corresponds to 75.8 million cubic meters of water, according to data from the Department of Water Development. The corresponding fullness last year was 73.2%, with 212,758 million cubic meters of water. As Marios Hatzikostis, Technical Engineer A 'at the Department of Water Development, stated to KYPE, overflows of the small dams are expected within the next week.

This year “is a good year” and “we covered half the way” to achieve the goal of total occupancy of 75% by March, said Mr. Hatzikostis. If the goal is not achieved, he noted, the quantities that will be allocated to irrigation will be reduced compared to last year.

As he also stated in KYPE, the weather is unpredictable and if another low barometer comes, corresponding to that of the New Year, it is certain that the target will be exceeded and there will be no problems in this year's water supply and irrigation.

Compared to other years, Mr. Hatzikostis stated that the total storage at the dams is reduced, however this year the flow has exceeded last year. Specifically, to date, 41 million cubic meters of water have flowed into the dams, compared to 36 million cubic meters. last year. He added that in recent years the inflow does not exceed 50 million cubic meters, something that seems to happen this year, while it seems that “it is possible to reach the average inflow of the decade, which amounts to 95-96 million. κμ. ».

Besides, within the next week, overflow of the small dams, Xyliatos, Argaka and possibly Pomos is expected, as he stated. The Lefkara dam, although with the highest current occupancy, at 90.1%, is not expected to overflow, according to Mr. Hatzikostis' estimates, as it is a “difficult dam”, as he noted. Although it has had high inflows with the recent rains, this is difficult to repeat. A similar low barometric system should be reconnected with the previous one, which will affect the specific area again, while the Water Department is pumping water from the specific dam to delay its overflow.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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