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Three new testimonies of sexual harassment at the Ministry of Education

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New testimonies that “burned” the official of the Ministry of Education, who was reported by his colleague for sexual abuse, emerged through the investigation of the first complaint. < p >A one-month extension was given to the investigation that has been ongoing since last November at the Ministry of Education, following a complaint made by a female official against a male official, for sexual harassment. With the investigation ongoing, it appears that other testimonies against the accused official have emerged. The first complaint concerns actions that include sexual harassment and gender discrimination, which the complainant attributes to a male official of the Ministry of Education, while, as “P” is able to know, there are testimonies from at least three other complaints.

The complaint was made in writing to the Minister of Education Athenas Michailidou, who on November 21, 2023 addressed a relevant request to the Council of Ministers. The reason why the minister took the case to the Council of Ministers for a decision has to do with the rank of the said complained officer and the need under civil service regulations to appoint an investigating officer of a higher rank than the officer under investigation. In her statements to “P” last December, the minister stated that in no case was there any obstruction or any other delay on the part of the Ministry of Education, as all appropriate procedures were followed. Mrs. Michailidou clarified that the procedure in these cases is standardized and that the first report is expected within the next months, so that the Ministry of Education can act according to the findings of the investigation.

From November 21 when the decision was made, the investigating officer, who works in a Ministry but not in the Ministry of Education, was appointed at the end of last December and the investigation started after Christmas, two and a half months after the complaint was made. The instructions were for the investigation to be completed before the end of February, however, during the investigation of the case, other evidence emerged and a one-month extension was requested. The reason is that along the way new testimonies have emerged and further depositions must be taken.

Source: politis.com.cy

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