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Three scenarios for parliamentary elections

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Three scenarios for parliamentary elections

The epidemiological picture of the country two weeks before the parliamentary elections will be decisive in terms of the measures that will be taken for the electoral process, with the Election Service studying three scenarios. As the head of the Election Service, Menelaos Vassilios, stated in “Φ”, the options that are being studied are either the conduct of the elections with the normal number of polling stations, or with the operation of additional polling stations with a maximum number, or the 500 voters, or the 400 voters per polling station. All this, of course, will depend on the course of the pandemic in Cyprus shortly before the elections, which due to this situation will take place under special and difficult conditions.

In this context, a three-week extension was given for the registration of voters in the polling stations abroad. The deadline for expressions of interest will not be April 2, but three weeks later. This is to give time to the students who want to vote, to have a better chance to know if they will be in their places of study or in Cyprus, always depending on the conditions of the pandemic both in our country and in their countries of study.

It is reminded that the last day of registration in the electoral lists for new voters is April 2, with the interest so far being at very low levels. According to the latest information, until yesterday, 1,813 new voters had registered. It is expected, however, that in March and especially in the last days before the closing of the list, there will be a mass registration.

According to the statistics from the Election Service, the voters who have the right to vote for the first time, ie who reach the age of 18 by the 30th of May, the day of the elections, amount to 3,114 people.

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In the next period, it is expected that the website for the parliamentary elections of 2021 will be operational, in which all the relevant information will be posted, both for the electoral process and for the electoral measure and the distribution of seats.

It is also recalled that the Election Service proceeded with a plan for the purchase of the appropriate equipment in consumables for the needs of the elections, in compliance with the security measures provided in the relevant protocol. For compliance needs, a large number of consumables will be ordered, including masks, antiseptics and pens, which will be sterilized. Specifically, it is estimated that 45 thousand masks will be used which will be covered by the masks used in general for the needs of the public. At the same time, 6 thousand antiseptics will be purchased at a total cost of 18 thousand euros for the sterilization needs of the pens, which will be placed after their use in special containers for sterilization and reuse, and 150 thousand pens will be ordered for the needs of the elections. The total cost for the pens will amount to 6 thousand euros. It is noted that the use of a mask will be mandatory for voters and everyone will be required to wear their own mask to be able to enter the polling station and will not be granted.

It is noted that in the previous parliamentary elections, 1,126 polling stations were operating throughout Cyprus. Under normal circumstances, their number is not expected to change dramatically, unless further polling stations, with a maximum number of 1,500, operate to avoid overcrowding.

Creates a new party

Christos Rotsas is making a new attempt to create a political party, this time under the name “Coalition”. Speaking on the Agenda show on Active, Mr. Rotsas said that the new party, which will be officially announced today, will have a full ballot and will claim his entry in Parliament.

The announcement will be made in collaboration with other organized social groups, such as the “Active Movement”. According to him, the new party will have left-wing views on the economy and right-wing views on the Cyprus issue, will defend the interests of the lower social strata and the middle class, and will always be opposed to the country's banks.

– Announced Papapavlou

Solidarity announced the candidacy of the former Deputy Chief of the National Guard on the ballot paper of the province of Famagusta.

Source: www.philenews.com

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