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Three Turkish Cypriot journalists arrested – Revealed mass concession of “citizenship” of the pseudo-state

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Three Turkish Cypriot journalists arrested - Revealed mass concession of

Under the headline “We are prisoners”, the Turkish opposition newspaper “Geni Bakis” writes that three of its journalists were arrested and testified on the pretext that they had revealed a recorded conversation regarding the granting of the “citizenship” of the pseudo-state for 13,000 T .

According to GTP, these are news director Deniz Abidin, columnist Kazim Denizci and journalist Essengiul Aikats.

The identities and mobile phones of the journalists, who are currently expected to be charged under the “law” on privacy and the protection of privacy, were confiscated.

Noting that those who “pressed the button” for the granting of 50,000 “citizenships” and illegally distributing “citizenship” remain free, the newspaper reports that Kemal Bairamoglu, who had previously been arrested following a complaint to the court, will be brought to court again today. police “on behalf of Bengiul Inebeli, whose wife's voice is heard on the recording. Inebaili accused Bairamoglu of forcing her to record her voice at gunpoint.

However, yesterday the newspaper published camera images showing Bairamoglou being at his workplace on the day and time that Inabeili claimed the incident happened. Following this, Inabeili was brought before a “court” for the crime of “public conspiracy”.

The press union (Basın Sen) sees a blow to journalists' freedom of reporting on the arrests. The union said in a statement that journalists were charged today with violating privacy, a crime that carries up to six years in prison.

This “legislation” that passed with a proposal of the RTK in 2016, it is said, had the prospect of preserving many aspects of the privacy of individuals, nevertheless created serious problems in the freedom of the press to be able to expose corruption where it exists.

It must be changed immediately, he added, so as not to restrict freedom of the press.

The arrest of the journalists was also condemned by the president of KEK, Izet Izzian.

Entitled “Legal proceedings for four employees of Yeni Bakis”, “Avroupa” describes the actions of the “police” as “outrageous”. In today's column, the newspaper's publisher, Sener Levent, points out that Bairamoglu, who is also an employee of Geni Bakis, was arrested and detained until the trial, while Inebaili was released pending trial.

The columnist points out that Yeni Bakis published the recording without revealing names and the “police” did not conduct a detailed investigation of the woman's complaint before confiscating the journalists' phones and bringing them to “court”. “How can a privacy issue be included in privacy?” Levent wonders.

The president of the Turkish Cypriot “civil” civil servants' union (KTAMS), Guven Benginhan, criticized the fact that the “government” granted 2,500 “citizenships” in six months and called on everyone to join the common struggle against the “citizenship” practices, which “target” they have to mortgage the will of the Turkish Cypriot people “.

In a written statement, Benginhan said that on “election day” the “government” would pay the price for all this.

Source: KYPE

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