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Through a Bill, the cordon is tightened for illegal funeral parlors – What changes in the process

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A bill through which the cordon is tightened and illegal funeral parlors are permanently locked down has been submitted to Parliament by the Ministry of the Interior, in an effort to put a definitive end to the uncontrolled state of illegality.

As stated in the explanatory report and signed by the Attorney General, the purpose of the Bill is to tighten the existing legislative framework for the provision of funeral and embalming services in order to combat the phenomena of illegal operations funeral homes and the provision of funeral and embalming services by unlicensed and unqualified persons.

The provision of funeral and embalming services, it is noted in the explanatory letter, is directly related to public health and the existing legislative framework does not provide for deterrent penalties, with the consequence that the illegals continue their illegal activity unimpeded.

Also, through the Bill, it is intended to provide for the possibility of deleting from the registers of funeral directors and embalmers, persons who have not renewed their license for 5 consecutive years, while it is clarified that for the purposes of registration in the relevant registers, for holders. recognized by the Council for the Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers, qualifications, previous success in written exams and participation in a training program are not required.

Finally, it is noted that it is now given the possibility of receiving and transporting a corpse, in the context of the provision of funeral services, to any employee in a funeral office and not only to funeral officials as was the case until today.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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