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Thursday with isolated rains-What will the weather be like until Sunday

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Τσικνοπèμπτ&eta με μεμονωμeνες βροχeς-Πoς θα εiνα ι ο καιρoς μéχρι την Κυριακor

With isolated rains and light snowfall we will have a Friday.

According to the Meteorological Service, today the weather will initially be mostly clear with locally increased clouds, but gradually it will become locally mainly cloudy and later isolated light rains, mainly in mountainous areas and light snowfall or sleet in the higher mountains are not excluded. Winds will be mainly northeast to southeast, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be somewhat rough. The temperature will rise to around 14 degrees in the interior, around 15 on the south and east coasts, around 16 on the rest of the coasts and around 5 degrees in the higher mountains, where frost is expected locally on the highest peaks.

Tonight the weather will be mostly clear with locally increased clouds. Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast and locally variable, weak, 3 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to a little rough. The temperature will drop to around 1 degree in the interior, around 8 on the western coasts, around 6 on the rest of the coasts and around minus 3 degrees in the higher mountains. Frost is expected to form locally in the mountains and inland areas.

On Friday the weather will be mainly clear with locally increased clouds in the afternoon hours. On Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy and temporarily mostly cloudy, with the possibility of isolated rain, mainly in the mountains. On Sunday, the weather will be mostly clear with locally increased clouds.

The temperature over the next three days will gradually rise, to fluctuate until Sunday above the average climatic values ​​for the season.

The height of the snow in Troodos Square, at the time of issuing the report, was 49 cm.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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