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Thus, 40 missing people were buried in the Bitter Water of Kyrenia

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Thus, 40 missing people were buried in the Bitter Water of Kyrenia

The testimonies of villagers in the province of Kyrenia about the mass grave in Pikro Nero, Kyrenia, where about 40-50 Greek Cypriots were buried, who were killed during the Turkish invasion, are shocking.

The issue returns to the surface in the context of a new attempt to locate the above missing persons and through the forgotten report of Lieutenant S.M., who received testimonies from witnesses. It is revealed what happened on Thursday, July 25, 1974 in the specific area, which is located between Karava and Agios Georgios, Kyrenia.

The facts of the report state that:

“On Thursday 25/7/74, early in the morning, Turkish soldiers went to Halkousis' house and told A.G. that they wanted some of the prisoners to go with them to bury stinking meat. After that, the Turks took A.O., D.D., T.S. and two brothers and led them opposite the house of Halkousis, at a distance of about 40 meters. On this plot, an excavator had dug a pit 20 meters long, 10 meters wide and one meter deep. About 40 corpses had been thrown into this pit. The Turks asked the people they took with them to cover the corpses with soil and gave them shovels. They did not recognize any of the dead. “

One of the witnesses testified that he did not recognize the bodies because they were tanned.

The facts also state that according to witness 1 AG, after noon, on the same day 25/7/74, the Turks took two civilians to the point of the pit, who were shot first in the legs and then killed. and threw them into the pit. Due to the distance he did not recognize these two citizens.

On Friday 26/7/74, early in the morning, the Turks took some of the witnesses again and transported them to the same pit and helped them to bury other corpses. The witness could not calculate how many of these corpses there were.

On 7/26/74, they were visited (in the house where they were trapped) by the Cypriot Sami, former District of Famagusta, and arranged their transfer to the DOME hotel. From the DOME hotel the Turks transported them to Serai in Nicosia, where they were interrogated. They remained in Serai for 4 days and were returned to DOME, from where they were fired on 6/12/74.

The witness A.O. testified that on 7/23/74, the Turks took him and all the men detained in the same house and transported them to the Five Mile area. On the road that leads, in the center “Golden Rock”, they were put in a house on the left side of the road. On the right side of the street in the basement of a house, he saw E / Cypriot prisoners, who were guarded by the Turks, but without recognizing any of them.

According to the report, on 7/23/1974 she was riding her motorcycle (outside the house where Greek Cypriots were being held) England, a permanent resident of the village of Trimithi. One of the witnesses stopped her and told her that there were several trapped men and women and children in the house and one of them was wounded and asked her, as she found the Turkish Officer, to tell her that they wanted to surrender. England asked the witness to record the names of everyone in the house. After they were recorded, England received the list of names and left.

On the same day, Tuesday 23/7/74, the Turks went to the house of STH, where they arrested the men there and two of the witnesses. Initially, they were taken to a house on the road that leads to the “Golden Rock” center despite the Five Miles. One witness saw that in the opposite house, in the basement, the Turks were holding about 20 national guards prisoners and among them he recognized K.P., who was living in Limassol when the report was being recorded.

In the remarks of Lieutenant S.M. It is reported that according to the testimonies of eyewitnesses whom he names, the existence of a mass grave at the location “Pikro Nero” near the Five Miles in the province of Kyrenia is proven, beyond any reasonable doubt.

Attached to the exhibition is the topographic plan showing the mass grave.

They killed the wounded in bed

Shocking is the report about the end of a Greek Cypriot soldier, with the initials ASM, who was wounded and was staying at home.

As the witness D.D. testified, on his return to the main road Agios Georgios – Karavas, he saw a Land Rover of E.F. in which there was a PAO machine gun. A national guard was sitting in the driver's seat. She approached him, touched him and asked him if he was Greek or Turkish. The national guard, who was bleeding in the head, answered that he was Lokatzis and showed him a damaged Turkish chariot at a distance of 25-30 meters from Land Rover and told him that he had destroyed it himself with the PAO. The witness then picked up the injured national guard and took him on his motorcycle to the house where all the detainees were. There the wounded man informed them that he was called… ASM and that he came from K…

And the description of what happened when the Turks entered the house where he was being treated: “The wounded soldier was killed in the bed he was in.”

Source: 24h.com.cy

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