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Time for decisions for Anita – The post-election issues for Pindarou are hot

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The first place in the European elections and retention, amid the general wreck, of the DISY voters, gave a lot of breathing space to the leadership of Pindaros, which could have been with its back against the wall from the very night of the elections. Of course, this does not mean that it magically solved all the hot issues that come and go in the party from time to time.

The party leadership chose to let them go on and the timing of the elections helped to this. After all, it would be difficult for them to open funds that hurt and scratch the wounds left by the presidential elections.

The double election contest has now passed and the DISY leadership is once again faced with hot issues on which it must make definitive decisions if it wants to close them once and for all.

First: Government Ministers who are also members of the Democratic Alarm. According to our information, a reference to the issue was also made in the meetings of the Executive Office of the party last week. What is raised as an issue from time to time is whether people who participate in a Government of which DISY is the opposition, can be considered members of the party.

In the past it is also known that members of the Council of Ministers who they are also members of the party, they also participated in the internal party elections of DISY. Of course, the decision around this specific issue is not an easy task for Pindarou. On the other hand, however, he cannot act as if the specific issue for which the party's leadership receives strong criticism from time to time does not exist.

Second: The participation of Nikos Christodoulidis in the EPP and the lack of understanding between the President and Pindaros. Last May, when DISY president Annita Dimitriou was asked about the presence of the President at conferences of other parties, she hinted that she would look into the matter after the elections.

“It is a political oxymoron for the President of the Republic to participate in the EPP and to present himself to other political groups. He must be asked himself about what he stands for and where he belongs”, he had declared.
He had even said that DISY has belonged to the EPP for many decades, and his participation has been deservedly earned. “We are clear that we belong. We are the European party of Cyprus, we belong to the EPP and we would expect the President in this difficult pre-election period to remain institutionally independent as befits his role”, he had declared.

The two of them, Nikos Christodoulidis and Annita Dimitriou, attended the first post-election conference of the EPP last week in Brussels. As it turned out, there was no coordination between them, since it is known that they do not have the best relations. Something that does not go unnoticed by the leadership of the EPP.
Nevertheless, it is not easy for Pindarou to raise the issue of Nikos Christodoulidis' participation in the EPP. Moreover, the presence of President Christodoulidis was actually done at the request of the EPP to strengthen its presence among the leaders of member states.

The appointment of the European Commissioner is also an issue which will affect the relations of the two sides in one way or another. now to define and clarify the landscape, if he does not want the whole debate to be perpetuated.

The first session of a collective body for DISY will take place next Monday July 1st with the Political Bureau


It is expected that there will be a review of the electoral contest, where it is expected that there will be criticism of the local elections, where, unlike the European elections, the party had significant failures. Essentially, apart from Phaidonos in the Municipality of Paphos, he did not win any other of the large municipalities. But it is expected that the session will also raise the question of what the next day will be for the party and how it progresses. In the thoughts, as we are informed, it seems to be the holding of a political or even statutory conference.

Source: www.philenews.com

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