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Time to spend AKEL – Mavrogiannis wedding rings

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The time has come for the formalization of the decision to support the candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis for the presidential elections by AKEL for the party of the Left. The process of dialogue in the party base groups has been completed and now the party's collective organs will meet to prepare for the Pancyprian conference next Sunday, June 5, during which the entire process of AKEL for the selection of a candidate for the presidential elections reaches and officially at the end. & nbsp;

Today, according to information, the Politburo of the party will meet to review the data and prepare the relevant proposal to the Central Committee, which will meet tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. In contrast to the two previous sessions of the enlarged collective body of AKEL, today's session is not expected to last long as, as party officials note, the acceptance rate of the proposal to support Andreas Mavrogiannis is such that its ratification will be formal. & nbsp;

According to party officials, the ratification of Mavrogiannis's candidacy in the party base groups reached 80%. Percentage corresponding to that of the acceptance that happened to Dimitris Christofias and Stavros Malas in 2013 and which shows, as they report, that the acceptance is very high and leaves them completely satisfied.

There is, of course, controversy in this position, with several dissenting members pointing out that the party leadership should not celebrate these percentages, which they characterize as fictitious, noting that participation in grassroots party groups is very low. The non-participation, as they report, is an element that shows that many members disagree with all the manipulation that was done and choose not to show up. On the part of Hezekiah Papaioannou, however, they answer that it is not true that the participation is lower than other times and they even state that it fluctuates and at what higher levels than previous meetings in the recent past.

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The whole process will be solemnly closed at the pan-Cypriot conference, which will take place at the State Exhibition in Engomi. It will be closed with the speech early in the afternoon of the party's secretary general, Stefanos Stefanou, with which he will give the stigma on which AKEL will run in the presidential elections and will announce the result for Andreas Mavrogiannis. The latter is expected to officially announce his candidacy as an independent the day after or the day after the Pancyprian conference with a statement that he will make.

Meanwhile, AKEL's high tones and fire on the government camp continue, with Hezekiah Papaioannou not leaving Averof Neophytou's statement regarding his proposal for a green transition. “Mr. Averof Neophytou's vision for the green transition of our place comes with a nine-year delay”, reports AKEL. “Delay in the production of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in our energy mix, the absence of any policy regarding the use of RES in public transport, failure of the timely introduction of natural gas for electricity to reduce the emissions of gaseous pollutants and consequently the accounts of the EAC. & nbsp;

The inflated bills paid by consumers in recent months are a result of the failure of the Anastasiadis-DISY government to implement environmentally friendly policies but mainly for the benefit of society “, it is noted to add that this is confirmed by the reasoned opinion sent the Commission in Cyprus, after we failed to translate into our national law, the directive on limiting the emission of certain pollutants into the atmosphere from medium-sized combustion plants. & nbsp;

“The weight given by the government and DISY on issues of environment, energy and climate change is minimal and everyone can conclude this if they look at the reasoned opinions that the EU has sent us in the last 9 years,” it said. “At the same time that Mr. Neophytou is announcing his vision for a green transition, Cyprus is being referred to the European Court of Justice. The issue of air pollution remains one of the main factors adversely affecting human health and RES need immediate investment,” she said. AKEL announcement. & nbsp;

DISY: Empty content categories

In Pindarou, they raised their gloves and responded in the same tone to the accusations of Hezekiah Papaioannou, noting that President Averof Neophytou presented his vision for the green transition with six specific axes. “From smart cities and transport to the energy market, the economic and business transition and the reciprocal recycling system. & Nbsp;

strong motivation today towards the green transition. This is true not only for Cyprus but for the whole of Europe. the bills will go to the Plenary on Thursday “, it is mentioned in the answer.

Concluding in his announcement, DISY wonders if AKEL does not know this. “What is the benefit, apart from the partisan impressions, for their current position? We, too, on the issue of the green transition are governed with responsibility and strategic planning, within the framework of the European Union and what is provided by the Recovery and Stability Fund “.

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