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Times: Turkish Cypriots fear Erdogan's heavy hand – Serdar Denktash expresses strong concern

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Times: Turkish Cypriots fear Erdogan's heavy hand - Serdar Denktaş expresses strong concern

The opposition of many Turkish Cypriots to President Erdogan's announcement of the opening of a section of Varosia is conveyed by the Times in occupied Nicosia in response to the headline “Turkish Cypriots fear Erdogan's heavy hand”.

The British newspaper initially describes the “celebrations” for the sad anniversary of the invasion during the Turkish President's visit to the occupied territories and notes that the announcement about Varosia was not only criticized by the international community but was treated with reservation by the Turkish Cypriots.

The newspaper's correspondent conveys the negative reaction of Serdar Denktash, who chose not to attend the events. Rauf Denktash's 62-year-old son rejects the two-state solution and comments that Varos should be used in the context of a “very moderate policy with the Greek side”, with cooperation in the environment, health, trade, and political equality we had the 1960s. “

“On the contrary, Varosia is opening up and they do not care what anyone else thinks,” he said, adding that the move “could bring us to the brink of a new war.”

The article notes, among other things, that now the number of Turkish settlers in the occupied territories is equal to the number of native Turkish Cypriots and comments that there is a general feeling that the delicate balances on the island are changing.

It is reported that even moderate Turkish Cypriots blame the Cypriot government's hydrocarbon policy, with Fikri Toros of the Republican Turkish Party boycotting Erdogan's visit telling the Times that the “isolation” of the dependence on Turkey.

However, Mr. Denktash added that the Turkish Cypriots do not have the power to decide for themselves and notes a lack of respect from both the rest of the world and Ankara. “If Turkey has a good future, we will have a better future, but I feel we are vulnerable,” the Turkish Cypriot politician concluded.

Another Times response from occupied Nicosia states that the new generation is “transforming” the city after years of controversy and neglect.

Special mention is made of a new boutique hotel, where, according to the owners, Greek Cypriots also come to spend their time with a drink mixed with Turkish Cypriots and “dreaming of new ideas for the future”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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