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“To be prevented, as in Varosi,” said the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN

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Cyprus considers the presence of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus necessary for as long as part of it remains under foreign occupation and decisions governing UN peacekeeping operations should be taken solely on the ground and prevent created as a result of illegal practices, as is the case in Varosia, stressed the Deputy Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN Poly Ioannou, speaking before the general discussion of the Special Political Committee of the UN General Assembly (4th Committee).

Referring to the UN peacekeeping operations, Ms. Ioannou, citing an official statement, said that, as a host state of UNFICYP, Cyprus considers the presence of the force necessary for as long as part of it continues to be under foreign occupation.

UNFICYP's contribution, he noted, is reflected in the stability of the security situation and the creation of an environment that allows the peace process to take place. All decisions governing UN peacekeeping operations, he said, must be taken solely on the basis of the situation on the ground, and one of their main functions must be to prevent the creation of illegal practices, as in the case of Varosion.

Regarding the Special Political Missions, Ms. Ioannou stressed that this is not just a tool to encourage the warring parties to resolve their differences, but a vehicle to ensure the fairness of peace agreements regardless of the balance of power of the adversaries. Such missions, he noted, should be aware of the local context of a conflict and make it easier to find viable, high-quality solutions that include remedies for human rights abuses.

Finally, Ms. Ioannou stressed that the UN must complete the process of eliminating colonialism and incomplete decolonization, as required by the rules of international law, through a cooperative approach within the organization.


Source: politis.com.cy

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