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To place the fighting woman in the position she deserves, said A. Aristotelous

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    Να τοποθετηθε η αγωνιζoμενη γυνακα στη θeση π&omicron ;υ της αρμoζει, εiπε η Α. Αριστοτeλ&omicron ;υς

    Event “Every Woman and a Story – Female Symbols of Cyprus” – 15 women were honored

    The commitment to illuminate the invisible aspects of the Cypriot tragedy in order to place the fighting Cypriot woman in her rightful place was given by the Head of Humanitarian Affairs for the Missing and Imprisoned, Anna Aristotelous, in < strong>event “Every Woman and a Story – Female Symbols of Cyprus”, which took place on Friday evening, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, where 15 women were honored.

    In her speech, Mrs. Aristotelous, said that the aim of the event is “through the honors owed by the state to these women-symbols, to trace a shocking aspect of the Cypriot drama, which the victims experienced and continue to experience, but also the relatives of the victims of the invasion ».

    “They are the unknown heroines and at the same time the unknown victims of war. Those who bravely and courageously participated in their own way in the fight against the Turkish invader. The women who hid soldiers in their homes, who cared for soldiers hiding in caves, who provided nursing services, putting their own lives at risk. They are the women who remained in their villages, protecting their minor children, waiting for their husbands and children to return from the war,” he added.

    Να τοποθετηθε η αγωνιζoμενη γυνακα στη θeση π&omicron ;υ της αρμoζει, εiπε η Α. Αριστοτeλ&omicron ;υς

    for half a century, putting their own traumas in second place and setting an example for every human being, regardless of age and gender, to be in awe and admiration. The women who witnessed crimes, atrocities, traumatic incidents and experiences, living for 50 years their own personal martyrdom. They are the ones who learned by force to live without the presence of their loved ones, putting aside their own emotional needs”. their human rights,divided families and illegally forced them to be away from the homes they were born, off the land they grew up, without the presence of father, brother, sister, mother, grandmother, grandfather.

    Emphasized also that, women and children are an unknown, unseen, shocking aspect in the history of our country,“women who put their lives on the back burner and sacrificed themselves for the country. Women who were destined to live at the hands of the Turks a different death that executed their souls. They lived through excruciating moments, the wounds of which will forever remain unhealed. Children who saw their parents killed in front of their eyes. They were forced to grow up and what they wanted was support and love in the difficult years after the invasion.”

    We are here, he continued, “to honor those women who succeeded with their action, struggle and self-sacrifice to contribute to the struggle for justice and freedom. Those women for whom time may have frozen in 1974, half a century ago, but with their stubbornness, courage and strength of soul they managed to make even the most powerful bow before them. Those women who looked into the eyes of the conquerors, who were not afraid, who did not bend”.

    At the end of the event, which was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides, in collaboration with the Municipality of Strovolos ,, Greek singer and honorary citizen of Strovolos Giorgos Dalaras sang, accompanied by the vocal ensemble Diastiasi.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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